Hanshi Spectrum Keyboard


Hanshi Spectrum Mechanical RGB Keyboard

Hanshi Spectrum is an enhanced version of its predecessor Hanshi in which we have added all the details that make this keyboard an infallible weapon for gamers (fully mechanical, recording macros, metal finishing …) the reinvention of RGB technology. In addition, the Red and Brown mechanisms have been extended for useful life up to 55 million keystrokes, and improved ease of use with removable ergonomic wrist rests.




Totally Personalizable

We know that there are no two gamers alike. Therefore, the Hanshi Spectrum keyboard is fully customizable on all levels, from macro recording, with the ability to do it on the fly (allowing faster and gaming experience) to the sequence of colors in the RGB button which can be customized one by one or choose from the many pre-programmed options.

Perfecting on small details

Hanshi Spectrum has a metal body which is made of brushed aluminum, tested by our gamers to last all hours of gaming with E-sports. It also has removable wrist rests, which gives the player the ability to do more or less compact keyboard, depending on the gamers likes.





Maximum Speed Control

Thanks to its Brown and Red mechanisms, you can control the speed and reverse each key to have maximum sensitivity and control of the keystokes. While the Brown system is designed for players who prefer a faster retreat, it offers greater resistance to the key, the network has a slower path key and softer recoil.




Reinventing RGB

The Spectrum keyboard version Hanshi has a backlighting system that can be configured RGB color, intensity, speed and position key by key, or any of the pre programmed effects: * Spectrum Color * Spectrum Explosion * Single wave spectrum * Multi-wave spectrum * Key by Key Color * Reactive Color




Full anti-ghosting and N-Game Mode

The new Spectrum has anti ghosting technology, allowing any of the keys you press be ignored. The N-Game function disables the Windows key, activating gaming mode and macro functions to keep you 100% focused on the game.


Multimedia Keys and Dedicated Macros

Hanshi Spectrum has fly macro recording keys, which makes it very comfortable and easy to use a combination of commands. It also has different multimedia keys with a scroll and dedicated mute.


           Kailh Red



            Kailh Brown



           Kailh Blue


Technical specifications:

  • Mechanisms Kailh RED, BROWN or BLUE  (depending on version)
  • Battery Life: At least 55 million keystrokes
  • RGB LED backlight with intensity control 25 lighting modes
  • Recording Fly macros
  • Removable Rest-wrists
  • Game Mode, disable windows activation key and macro profiles
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • A very Thick Braided fiber cable
  • Approximate size: 441.6mm x 195mm x 37mm
  • Approximate Weight: 920g Keyboard / 170G wrist rests
  • System Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • Compatible with Mac OS X

Product Content:

  • “HANSHI SPECTRUM” mechanical keyboard.
  • Interchangeable gaming keys.
  • Key changing tool.
  • Poster. – Door hanger.
  • Info card. – Newskill sticker.
  • Exclusive Newskill “VIP TEAM” card with lanyard.

Download the product manual.