Takamikura Gaming Seat

Professional Gaming Seat








Quality, design and ergonomics

Takamikura has been designed under these three precepts. It provides players total comfort and satisfaction during long hours of play, training and competitions.






Back and reclining seat

There are usually a couple of seconds between competing and resting which is more than enough to adjust the Takamikura support from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. So there is no problem to rest peacefully if you get tired during long matches… In addition, the seat tilt has a total of 12 degrees of freedom to move your center of gravity and provide maximum stability.

Armrests “3D” fully adjustable, one step further in comfort

Maximize the customization maximizes user comfort, so the Takamikura have multidirectional adjustment, which implies:
Adjustability in height.
Adjustability front movement. 
Adjustability horizontal rotation.
Metallic base of 350mm radio and reinforced with chrome finish.
We know that sustainability is a critical point in a gaming chair, which is why it has been made using reinforced metal besides having a 5-pointed star base of 350mm radio which provides stability even in.








Gas-Piston class 4, 150Kg force

The heart of Takamikura is a powerfull class 4 gas piston which provides vertical thrust 150Kg and 80mm of travel between their limits.




High quality cold-molded Foam

The density of foam used in Takamikura is 50Kg / m3, extraordinary quality, guaranteeing durability for more than 15 years, following the ergonomic advice to keep the player comfortable and relaxed for hours without losing any attention.


Synthetic Skin, soft and resistant

Takamikura is covered with reinforced synthetic leather with a thickness of 0.9mm to prevent breakage and wear and tear over time




Matching cushions (sweet cherry)

Takamikura includes an innovative V-neck pillow, designed to prevent fatigue and surges on neck and shoulders, and a lumbar cushion with which culminates the maximum comfort oriented design.


Nylon Topped Wheels 60mm

Its 60 mm wheels are reinforced to protect virtually any surface like parquet, tiles or your gaming house carpet without losing your freedom of movement.





  • Available colors: Black / Black-White / Black-Red / Black Blue /
  • Black-Green
  • Surface: high quality synthetic leather
  • Ergonomic multifunctional armrest
  • Metal Base
  • Adjustable backrest angle
  • Rocker function
  • Ergonomic cushions
  • Metallic structure
  • Fill 50Kg / m3 high quality
  • Class 4 gas piston (up to 150kg)
  • 60mm wheels finished in nylon
  • Height: 125cm to 133cm
  • Seat width: 48cm to 56cm
  • Seat depth: 55cm
  • Maximum width: 70cm
  • Weight: 20kg

Product Content:

  • Chair Takamikura
  • V-neck pillow
  • Rectangular lumbar cushion
  • Assembly instructions
  • Assembly tool
  • Accesories kit
    • Poster
    •  Door hanger
    • Info card
    • Newskill sticker
    • Exclusive Newskill “VIP TEAM” card with lanyard


Download the assembly instructions