Papamikura Day

Most of you have and some of you even are. Father's Day is celebrated on March 19 and we at Newskill we want to help you make the day a little more special.

The idea of celebrating Father's Day dates back to 1948, when a teacher from Madrid published an article in the magazine Magisterio Español about how the idea of honoring the fathers of her students on St. Joseph's Day had been a great success. Eighty years have passed and we have decided to modernize the event a bit. We think that the most important thing is that fathers have a good time with their children and that is why we present the Papamikura challenge.

how to participate in the Papamikura challenge?

what do you have to do to participate in the Papamikura challenge? Form a father/son or father/daughter team and get ready to bring out your creative side. Between the two of you, you will have to make a small Takamikura with the help of the downloadable that you will find below in the post. In the final result we will value not only that you have managed to build the mini chair successfully. We will also take into account the originality of your projects. Lights, decorations... all the complements are welcome!

The Papamikura challenge has a prize

and what can you win? Well, the best son gets the best dad, so the best mini Takamikura will be awarded with a real Takamikura gamer chair for both children and fathers to enjoy. Will you be the winner of the Papamikura challenge?

how to participate in the Papamikura challenge? Very simple. You must post a tweet including the hashtag #PapamikuraNewskill and three photos:

- Photo with the printing of the chair and the two team members.
- Photo during the assembly with the two team members.
- Photo with the assembled chair and the two team members.

Follow the instructions to assemble the Takamikura gaming chair

Stay tuned to our Twitter because during these days we will upload some videos that will help you in your Papamikura challenge. Remember that there is not only one way to assemble your gaming chair, we want to see you innovate!

So you know, work hard to give your baby Takamikura a daddy Takamikura. You have until Monday 19th at 12pm to post your tweet with the hashtag and the three photos. On Wednesday 21 we will announce the brand new winning couple.

cheer up and let's create!

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