Third edition of the Cosplay Contest of Newskill at Dreamhack Valencia

One more year summer is here and Newskill will collaborate with Dreamhack Valencia to bring you the new edition of our beloved Cosplay Contest

If you like to characterize yourself as your favorite characters and you are a fan of popular culture and entertainment, this is your moment, there are excellent prizes at stake!

Participants will be eligible for the following prizes

Best Cosplay:

200€ Newskill + Skilly

Best Weapon/Armor:

100€ Newskill + Skilly

Best Couture:

100€ Newskill + Skilly

Skilly Special Mention:

Skilly + Nemesis M Mousepad M

Best Group (minimum two people and maximum 4 per group, if there is not a minimum of 5 groups participating those who go on stage will be eligible for the individual prizes): 100€ + Skilly

The contest will take place on Saturday July 6th on the main stage of the LAN area at 5:00 p.m. Don't miss it!

The jury will be attended by the cosplayer Florencia Sofen.

Come on, don't think twice, there are only 20 places available! You can confirm your participation by registering in this form

Cosplayer: Florencia Sofen - Photo: @fali_ruizdavila

Formulario de inscripción concurso cosplay Dreamhack 2019



1. All those cosplayers who wish to participate, individually or in groups of up to 4 people, will be able to do so.

2. The categories are the following: Best cosplay, Best prop, Best clothing, Skilly's Mention and Best group

3. The limit of online participants is 20. On the day of the event, 10 extra slots will be opened one hour before the start of the contest. To register you must be present at the stage area at 16:00.

4. The group prize will only be available if at least 5 groups register. Otherwise, participants will be eligible for the individual prizes

5. As a novelty this year both performances and catwalk will be allowed but all will be eligible for the same prize. A good staging will be positively valued.

6. If you do not meet the requirements and want to go on stage to show your work you can indicate it in the registration or one hour before the contest.

7. The stage is relatively small and the screen is usually placed a couple of meters above the stage, keep this in mind when preparing the performances

8. If you attach music in the registration the file must have written the cosplay and the name of the cosplayer. Ex: Doraemon_RamónGarcia.mp4

a) Best cosplay: Only those who have not only made the cosplay, but also get into the character, the cosplay can be made in 80%, will be taken into account the finishes but also the "stage presence"

b) Best Prop: In this category will be awarded not only the best prop but also the best armor, as we consider that the armors are "gigantic props". The quality of the finish will be valued regardless of the materials used; the important thing is the accuracy with respect to the original element. The prop must be 100% manufactured by the wearer. LED technology may be added but it will be judged if it is also programmed by the cosmaker.

c) Best Clothing: The whole cosplay or the part of the cosplay that has been made in fabric will be judged. The quality of the stitches, the details and the similarity with the original character will be valued. Extra details such as embroidery, glitter, etc. will also be taken into account.

d) Mention of skilly: In this case our beloved mascot will decide who has been his favorite participant regardless of the finish of his cosplay or his performance, so give it all that everyone has the option to prize.

e) The criteria for Best Cosplay will also apply to the group award.

9. All participants must provide pictures of the process, the original character and/or a small video showing how they have made their cosplays, no need to be printed, if you have a good quality phone or tablet is enough. Everything provided must be shown to the jury on the day of the cosplay review which will take place from 12 to 14 hours on Saturday morning at the stand of Newskill and one hour before the contest near the stage for latecomers.

10. All kinds of characters are allowed: Video games, books, anime and even your own characters but for the latter you must provide an illustration of the character, tell us where it comes from and a turn around so we can assess the details of it. Character interpretations such as Zach Fischer's illustrations are also allowed.

11.The cosplay, in the case of being handmade, may have been made with the help of another person, understanding that at least 80% must have been the participant's own work. Don't be afraid to acknowledge in the application that you have had some help, the supports deserve recognition.

12. This year you can choose to go on stage as a "catwalk" but you can also make a short performance. The duration cannot exceed 2 minutes for individual categories and 2:30 minutes for group performances, in addition, you will have 30 seconds to make the preparations you need. Remember that the stage is limited in size, so please keep this in mind when performing hand-to-hand combat or dances.

13. If you have sent us music you must talk to the stage managers one hour before the contest, at 16:00 hours, to make sure that everything is correct. Remember that the music should not exceed the time of performance, we do not recommend video as the stage is usually very well lit and the screen is not well appreciated.

14. At registration, participants must answer a series of questions giving details about their cosplay. More details about the contest will be given during the review.

15. We want as many cosplayers as possible to participate, so if the number of participants exceeds the maximum, we will consider the possibility that those who remain in reserve can also participate.

16. Punctuality will be valued both in the reviews and in the participation.

17. The jury will be composed of representatives of Newskill, professional cosplayers such as Florencia Sofen, Seledia Cosplay and other guests.

18. If you make photos or videos for RRSS will be appreciated the use of the hashtag #newskilllovescosplayers to share it.

19. Any offensive or discriminatory attitude towards other participants, jury members, organizers or the public will result in immediate disqualification from the contest.

20. It is forbidden to throw on the stage or the audience any kind of liquid, sticky substance or in general any object that can be considered dangerous or that cannot be easily removed. In case of throwing confetti or similar, don't overdo it! :P

21. In accordance with Royal Decree 137/1993 on the Regulation of Weapons, the use of firearms, metal weapons and other blunt or intimidating objects that by their characteristics may lead to confusion about their true nature is strictly prohibited. Only imitations of weapons made of plastic, cardboard and other materials that are not dangerous for the contestants or for the audience will be allowed. Likewise, the use of dangerous elements for the physical integrity of people such as pyrotechnic and/or flammable material is also prohibited.

22. The organization and the jury reserve the right to adopt any initiative that, without being regulated in these rules, contributes to the greater success of the contest without being able to formulate any claim.

23. Participation in the contest implies the express waiver of any claim against the organizers and collaborators of Newskill Gaming and the full acceptance of the rules.

Cosplayer: Florencia Sofen - Photography: @fali_ruizdavila

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