DreamHack Beyond: what you'll find at the event

DreamHack arrives one more year for gamers to enjoy great moments, although for obvious reasons, this year it will be a virtual event. Named DreamHack Beyond, this edition, which will take place from July 24 to 31, will allow us to create our avatar, customize it and go through our favorite stands with it, interact with other attendees and enjoy the conferences virtually

DreamHack Beyond is a hybrid between a gaming festival and a video game, which aims to preserve the essence of this annual event, in the most appropriate way for its followers. In addition to the conferences, the videogame will allow us to collect mascots and cosmetic items, cheer on our favorite teams with custom animations, participate in side missions to accumulate experience and get exclusive loot, and even explore the story of the Sleepers, which will have its own campaign

The event promises to be spectacular, as it is designed to last, even if we can resume face-to-face events. From now on, according to the DreamHack organization, DreamHack Beyond will be held regardless of where the on-site event takes place, so that all fans can "attend" in one way or another

There are two types of tickets for the general public available, one free of charge, which can be obtained by registering on the website, and another, with certain advantages, whose available units will be raffled among users who register for it

At Newskill we could not miss this event and we will have our own stand, full of surprises, promotions and gifts, where we will be waiting for you all. In addition, we will have a series of joint activities with our influencers and DreamHack, in which we will raffle merchandise, accessories and peripherals. And pay attention to the arcade machines in our booth because, in them you will be able to enjoy a great mini-game, designed specifically for the occasion. Join our Skilly in his space adventure, and find out who is the most skillful meteorite dodger, save your high score and participate in the raffle.

Schedule of activities at Newskill

Saturday July 24 at 15:00h - FIFA Magic Envelopes with Spursito and Sankhs on Spursito's Twitch channel

Saturday, July 24th at 20:00h - Memes Contest with MissAndie, on her Facebook Gaming Channel

Saturday, July 24 at 23:00h - Live Illustration with LlunaClark on his Twitch channel

Monday July 26th at 18:00h - Lucky Panel with MerySoldier and Revenant, on Revenant's Twitch Channel

Tuesday July 27th at 17:00h - Mario Kart Tournament with RumiFoxy on his Twitch channel



Join Spursito and Sankhs as they try to get the best FIFA players by opening envelopes. The envelopes will be opened by those stream followers of Spursito and Sankhs' choice and, the two who pull out the best players will be rewarded with various prizes from Newskill.



Send your memes to MissAndie FTW to participate in this activity, which you will be able to follow through their Facebook channel next Saturday, July 24. You can send them to concurso.memes.dh@gmail.com, of course, we count on you not to send anything out of place. On Saturday, MissAndie will be watching your memes one by one, from her Facebook Gaming channel, and all those who make her laugh will be eligible to win a prize by spinning a roulette wheel with products from Newskill



Join LlunaClark on her Twitch channel, while she makes an impressive live illustration with Newskill Gaming motifs, and then raffle it at the end of the live stream among all the attendees



are you one of the most knowledgeable about videogames and the gamer scene? Prove it by answering the questions of our lucky panel and win a lot of prizes and merchandise from Newskill, with MerySoldier and Revenant



Participate with RumiFoxy in the two tournaments of four races in Mario Kart for 11 guests each, and take the victory. If you're an ace at the wheel of this classic racing game, don't hesitate, join us live to be randomly selected and be eligible to win a lot of items from Newskill

Join us in this special edition of DreamHack and enjoy with us all these activities in which, not only you can win a lot of prizes and products from Newskill, but you can also interact with your favorite streamers and live an experience to remember

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