Newskill will be part of the Rift Analyst Cup final

Join us at the Rift Analyst Cup, the first tournament of the new League of Legends Storm Circuit that will be sponsored by Newskill.

What's up, Newskill fans . Most of you are probably still unministered (although you never know), so that means you'll probably have time to stop by the Rift Analyst Cup offline finals. In addition, from our Twitter account we are raffling two double tickets for you to go. Sounds like a great plan, doesn't it?

League of Legends fight for the Rift Analyst Cup

The Rift Analyst Cup event, which will take place on June 16 and 17 at Imagin Extreme Barcelona, will be the culmination of a cup that has been running online for a few weeks. In this competition, which has brought together enthusiasm, passion for e-Sports and sportsmanship, amateur League of Legends gamers have come together to compete against each other as great professionals in the sector. And now you have the opportunity to witness the final match.

Newskill provides the set-up at the Rift Analyst Cup

At Newskill we love to be part of the Spanish gaming scene and support all of you to boost your career as gamers. That's why we have bet on the Rift Analyst Cup by providing the complete set-up for both players and the public that comes to enjoy this unique event. This will consist of 20 complete stands, 10 competition stands on stage and 10 in the amateur arena so that the public can enjoy the products Newskill and the activities scheduled for the event. That is, you will be able to try all the products Newskill and see them in action in exhibition matches, Rift tool masterclass and mini tournaments.

Prizes for the winners and finalists of the Rift Analyst Cup

Not only that, but the second and third prizes of the Rift Analyst Cup, in addition to a cash prize, will include an amazing set of Newskill products. As for the first prize, the winners will win 1,500 euros and a full trip to Gamepolis.As for the finalists of the Rift Analyst Cup, here are the names of the teams that will fight for glory: Buena Pregunta, with former pro and LCS players like Zigu, Pepinero and Miniduke Adryh, Eagles UDC, Cholesterol +200, Daltonic, L05 T1lT3D5, KIYF Academy, CDESA and Twitch Warriors, a team that features pro players of the likes of IamDiamondLoL, Electrokidi, LoGi, ElOjoNinja and CarritosKami.

So, don't make any plans for the weekend!

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