The legend begins and Newskill wants you to experience it up close and personal. Come to the Legends Tour!

Ten Youtubers of Legend.

Two teams.

Only one can remain.

¡The countdown begins!

There are only three days left for the big event of the beginning of the course, the Legends Tourwhich will take place this Sunday, September 17 at Kinépolis, Ciudad de la Imagen, in MadridNewskill will be present at Leyendas Tour

We at Newskill are very proud to be part of such a great fight and we hope to see you giving it your all from early in the morning. The battle will start with a 5vs5 between all players, followed by three 1vs1 games. After that, we'll be going all out with a special 2v2 tandem mode that will feature a few surprise guests (so far we can read). After another 5v5, we will witness the great final one-on-one combat that will decide the winner of this edition of the Legends Tour

But the game does not end here. Far from it. Not only will you be able to enjoy a great duel between the teams led by CooLifeGame and TheCatacroquer. At Newskill we have prepared a lot of surprises so that the adrenaline level doesn't drop for a single minute.

Raffles at Leyendas Tour with Newskill peripherals as prizes

Among all the attendees to the Leyendas Tour event we will select by raffle two players who will be invited to go on stage and fight one on one in League of Legends. The winner, in addition to all the glory, will win a great prize: a kitsune chair chair and a perseus Alpha Edition tower. And because we know that it's all about participation, our second player will go home with an incredible seiryu keyboard keyboard with backlighting RGB effect with up to 9 color modes and a Scutumum power scutum power supply.

But that's not the end of the Legends Tour prizes. Our team at Newskill has decided that the occasion deserves it, so we're going all out and raffling exclusive products of the brand throughout the morning, so stay tuned!

it's looking good, isn't it? To attend the Leyendas Tour you can buy your ticket here. Can't attend the event? Don't worry, you will be able to follow the event live through Youtube and our Twitter

So you know, you have no excuse. We are waiting for you on Sunday ;P

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