Cleaning and maintenance of a gaming chair

We already have our favorite gaming chair, now what? It is as important to give it a good use as to perform maintenance to avoid as much as possible the wear and tear and try to keep it as the first day. From Newskill we bring you a small guide on how to clean a gaming chair. Shall we get down to work?

Different types of cleaning for different types of materials

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Recently, more fabric chairs have become part of our catalog of gaming chairs, they are our Zephyr models. Kitsune Zephyr stands out among our models for being the first gamer fabric chair from Newskill and for always offering the maximum possible breathability. All our models are also available in leatherette and guarantee an excellent air circulation on their materials

However, a fabric gaming chair does not require the same type of cleaning as a leather gaming chair, although they are similar

Cleaning leatherette gaming chairs

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To prevent wear and tear on the chair, you can apply products to the leather to increase its durability and prevent breakage. Plastic moisturizers are widely used in car interiors and chairs to maintain shine and elasticity. Another alternative is to use a damp cloth weekly to remove dirt and prevent wear.

When maintaining a leatherette gaming chair we must take into account that all the dirt that may accumulate will be on the outside, since it is not possible for liquids to enter inside

Cleaning of fabric gaming chairs

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Fabric gaming chairs such as our Neith Zephyr, and the Zephyr range in general, require a different cleaning than leatherette chairs. As they are more breathable, they also absorb more deeply some elements such as dust. In this case we will not apply any type of cleaning product, we will simply try to perform a weekly maintenance with a hand vacuum cleaner (preferably with a brush). Maintenance can also be done with a damp cloth, but not wet, so as not to excessively dampen the material and dry it quickly.

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If our new fabric gaming chair receives the impact of a liquid, we recommend applying a cleaning product for upholstery. This product incorporates dry foam and its impact on the material is minimal, providing cleanliness and avoiding bad odors adhered to the fabric

frequency of cleaning?

From Newskill we recommend weekly cleaning of any of our gamer chairs to extend the life of the place in which we will invest much of our time. Whether to work, study or play video games

General maintenance

On the other hand, we recommend greasing and / or lubricating from time to time the screws of the chairs, both fabric and leatherette. This way, you will ensure that all the parts will last a long time, as well as avoid uncomfortable noises or creaking. This does not require any specific product, just a 3 in 1 will do perfectly well

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