Differences between Osiris and Neith chairs

Today we tell you all about the gaming chairs Newskill Neith and Osiris, two impressive models that share certain features and benefits, but also differ in some very important aspects when it comes to choosing one of them.

Common features

The gaming chairs Neith and Osiris are manufactured, as we are used to at Newskill, with the best and most innovative materials. The structure of both chairs is made of reinforced metal, as well as its star base, where the wheels are inserted. This material will help both Netih and Osiris to enjoy a long life at your side, as it makes them ultra-resistant and can support up to 150Kg of weight

Its class 4 gas piston is adjustable, allowing you to adapt the height of both models, depending on the table where you are playing or working. To this we must add the innovative leap frog mechanism, located at the base of the seat, which will allow you to rock comfortably, or recline the chair up to 180º, with the maximum stability provided by the mechanism in combination with the wide star base

As in the rest of our gaming chair models, the padding is of the highest quality, but with Neith and Osiris we wanted to achieve an extra level of comfort, thanks to the high density molded foam. Enjoy the ultra-soft seats and backrests of these models, along with their lumbar and cervical cushions with Memory Foam, designed to recover their shape after each use. Play at the highest level for hours, or relax while enjoying a movie on Neith or Osiris, but don't blame us if you fall asleep!

Main differences

At first glance, Neith and Osiris clearly differ in design. Not only in the finish of the upholstery, but while Osiris has the two classic holes in the backrest that characterize many gaming chairs, Neith does not. This makes no difference to the use or durability of the chair, it is simply a matter of taste. Normally, the two holes in the backrest are used to place the neck cushion and, in the case of Neith, its placement does not involve anchoring it through the holes, but around the top of the backrest

osiris silla gaming

Let's now move on to the differences that are not so obvious. Neith and Osiris share the same structure and manufacturing materials, but their measurements are different, although not by much. While Neith has a height of between 125 and 131 cm from the top of the seat (where you sit) to the floor, Osiris has a few centimeters more, offering a height of between 130 and 136 cm. We remind you that the height varies thanks to the gas piston, which is adjustable and that, in the end, the difference is very small because, as a general rule, gaming chairs have a range of basic measures, to ensure that they adapt to any table or desk, and that you use them comfortably.

neith silla gaming newskill

The seat measurements in general, also differ, so we leave the specific measures of each model below, so you can compare them:


  • Height: 130-136CM
  • Width: 76CM
  • Seat depth: 51CM
  • Seat Width: 57,5CM
  • Weight: 24KG (without box)
  • 26.5KG (with box)


  • Height: 125-131CM
  • Width: 73CM
  • Seat depth: 48CM
  • Seat width: 56CM
  • Weight: 22.5KG (without box)
  • 24,6KG (with box)

Available in Zephyr version

neith silla gaming tela

Neith and Osiris are also available in Zephyr version, the same models, but upholstered in breathable fabric. These models share the same characteristics and materials, only differing in color from their original models

In the case of Neith, it is available in nine colors, while its Zephyr fabric version is available in one less. The same is true for Osiris, nine colors in its leatherette version and eight in fabric.

osiris silla gaming tela

As you can see, choosing any of the Neith or Osiris models is a wise choice, just let yourself be guided by your preferences and choose the design and color you like best

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