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If you already have your gaming pc, you are probably looking for a good gaming accessories guide to know what you need and what you don't need when it comes to complement your new computer with a good gaming mouse and a rgb keyboard. From Newskill we have prepared a gaming accessories guideTo meet our family of products and discover peripherals such as our multiplatform controller, the professional microphone or the table with RGB lighting included. Do you dare to complement your computer?

Kaliope: a professional podcast and streaming microphone

Our gaming microphone with RGB lighting we have dispensed with software configuration and opted for plug and play current so that with the simple gesture of connecting the cable to its port we can enjoy everything Kaliope has to offer. Thanks to this instant configuration you can change the volume, mute the microphone or select the color you prefer at that moment, among many other options

KaliopeHas three buttons, the first one we come across, starting from the top, is that of mute, if the light is red, the microphone is open, if it blinks, the mute is activated. Just below is the gain wheel. It includes an anti-POP filter with which you will get that extra quality bonus in all your recordings by eliminating the annoying background noises.

The last button found on the front is the wheel for adjusting the headphone volume and just below the 3.5mm jack port to connect them. Using this function we will be able to listen in real time to what we are recording without latency, being able to choose between listening only to our voice or also to the audio output of the computer.

Fenrir: the perfect table for your games

The design of the fenrir table is designed to take advantage of every centimeter and meet the needs of each player. Incorporates a coaster and features a four-port USB 3.0 hub and a pair of 3.5mm mini jacks for headphones and microphoneFenrir allows up to 11 different lighting modes and 7 colors (red, green, yellow, blue, purple, light blue and white) that we can keep fixed or rotate between them

The melamine board of Newskill Fenrir is reinforced and is capable of supporting up to 300kg thanks to its structure and reinforced steel legs that end in plastic bumpers to take care of any type of floor and reduce the vibrations that can produce your gamer tower, in case you want to have it on the table. The dimensions of our gaming table are 122cm wide, 68cm deep and 76cm high. These measures are designed so that we can reach any part of our table without having to move

Powerbank: never run out of battery power

Newskill PowerbankHas a 10000mAh battery and the quick Charge 3.0 technology that will allow you to charge your battery four times faster without damaging your battery. It includes a type C cable and lightning port which allows full compatibility with any device, and has a USB output compatible with voltages from 5V/3A to 12V/5V.

One of the main advantages of the powerbank is its portability, you can take it wherever you are more comfortable, from pockets and backpacks to shoulder bags. Thanks to its capacity you can make more than one charge.

With our Shiva backpack and its in-body USB connector you can connect it and charge your smartphone from the backpack without having to carry the powerbank

Ashi: the headphone holder you were looking for

Our helmet holder design that is based on simplicity and efficiency, specifically designed to take up minimum space in your set-upAshi is constructed of high quality methacrylate molded so that its body forms a structure that will fit perfectly in your headphones

The base of the Ashi headphone holder is designed to provide a secure and reliable unsurpassed stability thanks to its large dimensions

Newskill Raksha Spectrum RGB Headphone Holder

Give a touch of color to your set-up with our stand with RGB illumination for helmets. Raksha allows you to always have your gaming headsets at hand and show them off on your desk without taking up much space. Raksha Spectrum is made of high quality ABS plastic and features three USB 2.0 ports It is compact, has a light weight and takes up very little space, so you can optimize your gaming space to the maximum, having your headset in its perfect place. Minimalism takes a step forward to make available to all, a support for your gaming headset at the height.

Tanaris and Tanaris Pro: the perfect tables for your set-up

Our new tanaris gaming table comes in two versions Tanaris y Tanaris Pro, the latter offers some extra features for those who are looking for the ultimate in gaming tables

Both models are made of high quality materials, being its structure of reinforced steel, which guarantees a high level of resistance. In addition, its surface of extra large size allows you to have all the components and peripherals you need in it, and forget about scratches, it has a carbon texture. As if all these features were not enough, get ready for your mouse to have no limits of mobility, thanks to the waterproof mat included

Tanaris and Tanaris Pro not only have plenty of surface space, but also have the best features to keep your sep-up tidy. With the cable grommets y organizer included, you will no longer have an excuse to keep your table clean, and this will help to make your play or work area more comfortable. You can also enjoy a hanger at the bottom, so you can always have your gaming headset at hand.

The extra gaming touch is provided by the rGB soft dream feedback, because we know you love that your set-up and peripherals can be illuminated to your liking, and contribute to create that unique atmosphere, depending on what you play

As we mentioned before, Tanaris Pro has everything mentioned above, and some extras that will make your gaming table much more than just a table. Choose the height that suits you best thanks to its hydraulic motor, and switch between configurations with its memory profiles, which will allow you to save different heights

Newskill Floorpad: show your Skiller side

Show off your Skiller status with our anti-scratch carpet, the mat, in the shape of our distinctive logo, gives your play area a stylish push. The base of our mouse pad is composed of 100% natural rubber, this is a material that will make it practically immovable, once you place it correctly on the floor and put your gamer chair on top of it. Forget about uncomfortable movements with your chair during your games, thanks to our floorpad. The best combination of accessories is undoubtedly one of our chairs and this floorpad

Atmosphere RGB: the best and most comfortable illumination

Discover the new rGB floor lamp Atmosphere, customize your play area and immerse yourself in your favorite titles. With 16 million colors and more than 300 lighting effects, atmosphere RGB Light is the perfect lamp to create spectacular combinations. Choose from the different options of color, speed, mode and brightness to get the perfect lighting, and enjoy the best ambiance to accompany your games, movies or events.

Atmosphere RGB Light can be switched on from its foot button, but it also features remote control to make it easy for you to customize the lighting and, thanks to its memory, you can recall the last available setting before it was turned off, when you turn it on again. Choose from a variety of lighting effects, or simply leave a fixed color from those available red, yellow, sky blue, blue, green and purple and let Atmosphere create the best gaming environment for you

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