Guide: How to solve my issue with a product Newskill?

At Newskill we work very hard and strive to make sure that you can enjoy your products for as long as possible. We know that suffering any incidence in your beloved peripherals is always a nuisance. Today we want to tell you the steps you have to follow to solve any doubt or problem with any of our products in the fastest way.

Ask us any questions you may have

We have available for you a customer service, to which you can go if you have questions about the operation or assembly with our catalog of peripherals, if you get a product with any damage or broken part or if any part has broken under warranty. You can contact us through the web, in the support section, by clicking on the "Contact" option ( and using our form.

Of course, we are also open to sponsorship proposals, both from influencers and for events. You can use our email or through our website Newskill Gaming in the Community dropdown by clicking on the collaborate with us option (

Tricks to speed up your queries

We love that you send us your questions, this helps us to see what we can improve our website and our products. A section that we included with the redesign of our website was the inclusion of a section where you can find the manuals of all our products and the software of those that incorporate it. From the support section, if we select the option Software/Manuals we will access this area. (

To speed up the queries about incidents in your products there are data, such as the web store where you have purchased the product and the date of purchase, that you can comment in the first email. Also attaching a video or photos where you can clearly see the incidence that you are having makes it much easier for us to find the solution. With this simple information we will be able to give you an answer and leave everything ready with a couple of emails.

Final step

There are times when, for whatever reason, a part breaks, for example our chair. Instead of requesting a complete return of the product, we can send you spare parts and you can enjoy your product again the next day, to continue giving war in your games. We have spare parts for most of our products so do not hesitate to write us and ask.

Unfortunately there are situations that cannot be solved, either with spare parts or by setting factory settings. What you will have to do, after having consulted through our customer service section, is to access your customer area of our website and from the section regarding Returns-RMA make the request for replacement or refund, depending on what you need.

Once we accept the case, you will receive an email with instructions to follow. Our procedure is to send a courier to your address to pick up the defective product. This package arrives at our warehouse where it is checked and then we send a new unit. It is important to have the package ready with the original packaging and all the accessories included, once the case has been accepted, since the courier will pick up the product the next day.

Skiller Card

As many of you know, in all our products we include the Skiller Card, formerly known as VIP Card. But for all those new skillers who have doubts about what this accessory is, you can find all the information on our website, by going to the Community tab and clicking on the Skiller Card option ( From here you will learn all about what it means to be a Skiller Card holder and how to register in this great family.


  • As a final summary we will compile the most important steps:If you have any doubts about the operation of our products, the first step is to check the manual.
  • If in doubt, please contact customer service at
  • Malfunction of any peripheral or defective part, we contact customer service through the email and attach a video or photos where the problem is clearly visible. In the text of the email we comment the web store where the purchase of the product was made and the date.
  • If it has a solution by sending the part that presents the incidence we will proceed to solve it this way, if not, once confirmed with Customer Service we will proceed to request the replacement or refund through our customer area.

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