Guide to financing your purchases with Aplazame at Newskill

At Newskill, we know that you come first and that is why we work every day to improve, not only in terms of quality and products, but also to make you feel at home easier and more comfortable shopping on our web site. That is why we wanted to include the Aplázame purchasing method, so that you can you can finance your payments up to 37 months and you don't miss anything in your set-up. We tell you how it works

To take advantage of the Aplazame installment payment options, you simply have to place an order in the usual way on our web site. Look for the product you are interested in, go to the product page and, under the "Add to cart" option, click on "Add to cart", you will find the tool to calculate your financing. This option will allow you to calculate in how many installments you wish to pay, how much each one will be and the total price of the purchase, depending on the number of installments you choose. You can try several configurations to get an idea, but remember that the actual payment will be made when you finalize the purchase, so you will not be charged until the end

If you decide that Aplazame offers you a good financing option, simply add the chosen product(s) to your cart. Log in or register, as this is required to complete the payment. Don't worry, you can add the products you want to the cart and register when you go to checkout, you will be prompted during the checkout process.

When you have in the cart all the products you want to purchase, proceed to finalize the payment in the usual way. You will be able to see the products, their amount and, again, you will have the Aplazame tool to recalculate the financing you are interested in. Click on "Place order" and complete the requested information, until you get to the payment options. This is where you will really have to choose whether you want to apply for financing and with which options. To do this, select the payment option "Pay with Aplazame"

To finalize the purchase, the tool will take you to a screen in which select the number of installments and the day on which you wish to be charged the same. This time, the options you select will be the ones that will be reflected in the payment, so we advise you to review them well. Once you have it clear, you can continue with the payment process as usual and, within 24 to 72 working hours you will have your order at the indicated address, with the most comfortable and secure payment options for you

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