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Now that you have your set-up complete with all your favorite gaming peripherals, it is time to perform a good maintenance to make them last as long as possible. One of the accessories of your PC Gaming that gets dirty due to daily use along with the keyboard itself is the gaming mouse. We use it practically every day and we do not always have our hands as clean as we want or the desktop as free of dirt as we would like. From Newskill we bring you today a small guide on how to clean your mouse Newskill to have it always impeccable and surprise your friends. Will you join us in this simple and rewarding task?

The mouse and keyboard require more care

The mouse is, in addition to the keyboard, the peripheral of your computer that gets dirty more quickly and easily. The maintenance of this accessory must be practically daily to guarantee the hygiene and the good operation of the same one. From Newskill we want to give you a few tips and tricks for cleaning your mouse that you can do in record time and without having to resort to professional cleaning products or much less. This way you can ensure that your gaming mouse is always as good as new and works as optimally as possible

Cleaning your gaming mouse should not take you more than five minutes and it is for this ease in the application of maintenance that we must perform this process on a recurring basis, as it gets dirty very easily from the use itself only.

Materials needed to clean your mouse

There are several ways to clean a gaming mouse, and all of them are valid and we will obtain a good result. However, if we apply care and skill in this process, we will get a better result. The cleaning that we are going to show you from Newskill requires the following materials:

  • Toilet paper
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Toothpick
  • Isopropyl alcohol

All these materials are relatively cheap except the alcohol, but we can find a bottle in a liter format that will serve to clean both the mouse and other peripherals or components of our gaming computer such as the keyboard, headphones, tower, etc.. So we will be able to monetize its purchase by applying this maintenance not only in the mouse but in practically the totality of our set-up.

How to make our mouse impeccable

Dirt can be seen on practically all sides of the mouse. Dirt also accumulates on the underside, especially on the edges of the sliding Teflon feet. This is due to dust accumulated on the mouse pad and sweat from the hand and wrist.

The first step in cleaning our mouse is to apply alcohol to the microfiber cloth and rub it all over the contours and the base. With this we will obtain practically an integral cleaning of our gamer mouse, but to reach the keys, buttons and legs we will have to use the toilet paper and the toothpick.

We will take a piece of toilet paper and we will fold it several times on itself, squeezing it to make it thin. Once this process is done we will put the toothpick in its center. Then we will wet the paper with the alcohol. And finally we will introduce it by all the corners of the mouse, leaving it totally clean and ready to use

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