How to connect Scylla headphones to all your devices

From Newskill we think that to play good online games with friends it is essential to have an excellent sound to not miss even the breathing of your enemies. Many of you have fallen in love with our Scylla headset and have asked us how to connect it to all the devices with which it is compatible. That's why we have prepared a small guide for you to get the most out of your Scylla gaming headset. Will you join us so that you don't miss a single detail?

Powerful compatibility with Scylla

Scylla gaming headsets stand out for being compatible with most of the devices you have at home. Scylla allows you to have the best sound quality on your gaming computer, on your Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and even on your latest generation cell phone. Forget about having to change headphones as you change platforms to play your favorite video games. In addition, on your PC and Playstation 4 you can use your Scylla headset wirelessly, without wires in between

Wirelessly connect your headset on your PC or PS4

With the Scylla gaming headset comes included a dongle with which we can make this connection to dispense with cables

To make the first connection we must have the dongle connected via USB plug into our PC or PS4, press the "EQ" button on the headset for four seconds with the blue light indicator flashing and a beep until it connects. A red light on the dongle will appear when the connection to PC or PS4 has been successfully made, and will continue to flash before connecting to the headset

To make a second connection or reconnection, no special operation is required. If the first connection has been made before, a reconnection will automatically occur within two seconds when the headset and PC or PS4 are powered on

Connect your headset via audio cables to your PC/PS4/Switch/Xbox One/Smartphone

Also included with Scylla is an audio cable to connect to your PC, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or Smartphone. It should be noted that the 2.4G wireless connection will need to be turned off when using the audio cable and that the Xbox One stereo adapter may be required and sold separately, it does not come included with the Scylla headset

We hope you found our guide on how to connect the Scylla gaming headset to all your devices useful and we recommend you get the RGB Raksha headset holder so that it takes up less space in your set-up and allows you to better organize your cables thanks to its built-in USB ports.

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