How to mount Tanaris RGB and Tanaris RGB Pro

If you are thinking about getting any of the Tanaris RGB models, our most complete gaming table, but you are worried about the possibility of complicated assembly, we bring you this guide. You will see that having Tanaris ready to be the center of your gaming set-up will not take you much time.

Where to start

In this guide we will use images corresponding to the manuals of both models of our Tanaris RGB gaming table, but it will be more convenient for the assembly if you have a complete copy. You can find the manual of Tanaris RGB and of Tanaris RGB Proin these links. First of all, don't be overwhelmed by the amount of tiny pieces and screws you will find, everything is correctly labeled and identified in the instructions

It is important that you locate and correctly identify all the pieces before starting the assembly, as it will make the task much easier, especially at certain times. It is always good to have someone to help you assemble your new gaming table, but don't worry, it can also be done by a single person

Identify the main parts of Tanaris and, on the other hand, have at hand all the hardware, as well as the wrenches and tools that we have also included, so that you can assemble your new gaming table without complications. In case you are going to assemble Tanaris RGB Pro, you will find more parts than in Tanaris RGB, since the lifting mechanism of the table requires specific assemblyo

Even so, the assembly of both is practically identical, until the structure of the legs is assembled, but let's go step by step. We will not refer to numbers or letters since, depending on each table model, these may vary, even though they are the same parts, so we insist that you have the manual for your corresponding Tanaris model in front of you. It is important that do not tighten the screws fully, the assembly process should be completed, but check, as the assembly progresses, that the pieces are level and well positioned, and then screw them all together.

First steps in the assembly of the structure

To begin, the first thing to do is to assemble the legs (bases) and the main structurel (column) on which the "board" of your new gaming table will rest. It is important to assemble the pieces together, and secure them with their corresponding screws, as specified in the instructions, in addition to putting the anti-slip blocks, which will prevent Tanaris from moving or causing any damage to your floor

The next step is to place the central piece that will join the two legs by Tanaris, and will allow your table to take shape. As you will see, the side pieces of Tanaris RGB Pro incorporates wiring for its later connection, and that the elevation of the table works. At the moment you will not have to do anything with this wiring, just screw the central bar with its corresponding screws

Next, locate the two parts that will go on the ends of the table, which will serve to extend the surface where the Tanaris "boards" will be placed. As with the rest of the pieces, the important thing is to screw them correctly and make sure that, once this is done, there is nothing unstable in the structure

Lifting mechanism for Tanaris RGB Pro

If you are assembling the Tanaris RGB model, you can move on to the next step, as the parts corresponding to the lifting mechanism, which is only present in the Tanaris RGB Pro, must be installed

To install the lifting mechanism correctly, we will need the parts specified in the following picture. Before placing any of the parts on the central bar, please, make sure that the structure is completely level, otherwise, the control mechanism may not function properly, since it has a gyro sensor

That control mechanism must be installed and secured with the control pad that you will find among the pieces of Tanaris RGB Pro. Once the piece is fixed, you can install the cable, leaving the end outside the central bar, because we will place the table top on top and if not, you could not connect it to raise the table. For the moment, don't worry about setting up Tanaris, we will do it at the end of the tutorial

Final steps and assembly of handset and headset holder

For this last part, that of placing the tabletop, we recommend that you start by assembling the different parts that make it up, with their plugs and screws. Once you have it assembled, put it face down on the floor, and assemble the table structure on top, as shown in the image of the instructions. This will make it much easier for you to screw all the remaining pieces together and fix all the Tanaris elements correctly.

In this last step of the assembly, we highlight the installation of the socket box, the headphone holder and the handset, this only in Tanaris RGB Pro, from where you can select the height at which you want your table. And all that remains is to put the mouse pad and start using your new table, ready for everything. In case you have Tanaris RGB Pro, in the next point we explain how to start it up and save your profiles, by heights

Tanaris RGB Pro start-up

Before plugging the table into the power outlet, make sure that:

  • The legs are level and in the lowest position
  • All screws are properly tightened to prevent the table from rattling or wobbling
  • Connect the gaming table as follows:
  • Press the power button for 10-15 seconds

Operating guide:

1. Save the desired height

  • Press the "M" button, the display will show "S-" with flash.
  • Press the number and set the desired position.

2. Advanced security option, locking and unlocking of the table

  • Press the up and down button at the same time for 5 seconds, LOC is displayed.
  • All individual buttons will be inactive and the table will not be able to move.
  • Pressing the up and down button together will unlock the keypad and LOC will no longer appear.

3. Reset the table when an error code or RST is displayed

  • Unplug the power cord from the control box.
  • Unplug the cable that connects the keyboard to the control box.
  • Wait 30 minutes and reconnect all cables.
  • Reset: press and hold the button for 10-15 seconds until it flashes and beeps.

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