How to use the keyboard Newskill Pyros

Our 60% Pyros gaming keyboard has already reached many homes and skillers are enjoying it. Are you one of them? From Newskill we have prepared a brief guide on how to use the Pyros keyboard so you know all the shortcuts, key combinations and different lighting effects available. If you have Pyros and you have not yet taken full advantage of it or if you want to get one .... come and join us!

Key combinations in Windows and Mac Mode

Here we show you all the available key combinations for both Windows and Mac, so you can use all the available shortcuts regardless of the operating system you are using with Pyros

pyros manual

If your operating system is Mac you will have access to a series of multimedia functions (corresponding to the series of keys between F1 and F12) that will be available only if they are the main functions of the key in question

pyros mac teclado inalambrico

Pyros keyboard backlighting functions

pyros teclado wireless

Another of the most frequent questions you may have when you start gaming/working with the new Newskill Pyros keyboard is how to change the RGB backlighting. To change the mode and color of backlighting

  • Fn key (with Newskill logo) + Ç key (with a half-filled sun): with this key combination you can switch between its 17 different backlighting modes
  • Fn key (with Newskill logo) + : key (with a fully filled sun): with this key combination you can change the backlight color.

To control the intensity of the backlighting

  • Fn key (with logo Newskill) + ^ key (with a sun and a - inside): you can decrease the brightness intensity until it is turned off.
  • Fn key (with logo Newskill) + + key (with a sun and a + inside): if you press the key you can increase the brightness

There are 4 brightness intensities and 1 mode with the backlight off

To control the speed of the backlighting

  • Fn key (with logo Newskill) + Ñ key (with a circle and a - inside it): you can increase the speed of the backlight mode.
  • Fn key (with logo Newskill) + { key (with a circle and a - inside): you can reduce the speed of the backlight mode.

There are 4 speed intensities.

Selecting and/or blocking the secondary functions of the keys

Press the Fn key (with logo Newskill) + Ctrl key to change the second key combination function (except the arrow keys). Press the Y/U/I/I/H/J/J/K/N/M/ keys again to return to their original mode,

Charging instructions for Newskill Pyros

manual carga pyros teclado gaming wireless

To ensure normal use, we recommend charging the Pyros keyboard before use. At the moment charging begins, the space bar light will illuminate three times to indicate that the charging process has started. Once charged the same bar will illuminate 5 times to indicate that it is fully charged.

If the keyboard is not used for three minutes, it will enter sleep mode. To turn it back on, press any key.

Instructions for use Bluetooth plug-in/wireless mode

On/Off Button

  1. For use in wired mode, the switch will be left in the OFF position
  2. With the switch in the ON position, the keyboard will switch to wireless mode. For first time use, Bluetooth must be paired before use

Fn key (with logo Newskill) + Q/W/E

  • Short press: switches to one of the 3 profiles available for pairing.
  • Long press: starts pairing mode

Up to 3 devices can be paired simultaneously, each in one profile: Q, W and E.

Instructions for connecting via Bluetooth

  1. Make sure the power switch is set to ON (which determines that the keyboard is in Bluetooth mode)
  2. Select the profile where you want to pair the device by using the Fn key (with logo Newskill) + Q/W/E
  3. Press with a long press (3 seconds), the key will start flashing and it will be in pairing mode
  4. Select the device from the list from your computer/mobile, once paired, the key will stop flashing

We hope you found our brief guide on how to use the Newskill Pyros keyboard useful. If you haven't got your hands on our wireless keyboard yet, what are you waiting for?

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