Icarus curved screen gaming monitors guide

If you are looking for a new monitor with the best gaming features to complete your set up, today we talk about the range of curved Icarus monitors from Newskill. Spectacular models for you to enjoy your games at another level, and we explain how its key feature works: the comfortable curved screen

At Newskill, we have a wide range of monitors with a multitude of features, perfect for all kinds of uses, but above all, for gaming. This is our Icarus series, where you can find flat or curved screen monitors, with different panels and essential features to make you stand out in your games: high refresh rate, impressive resolutions, wide variety of inches ... etc.. It is clear to us that among our Icarus is the monitor you are looking for, but do you know what a curved screen monitor can do for you? Today we delve into this, so you can choose wisely

why were curved screens born?

The first thing you should know is what the point of a curved monitor is, why they were launched and what they base their operation on. The answer, which you may already know, is that the curved monitor is designed to take full advantage of the peripheral vision of the human eye. Our vision is composed of central vision, which spans about 30º and focuses mainly on colors and more striking aspects, while peripheral vision spans up to 180º, and is much more focused on movement

monitor gaming curvo ultrawide

Based on the human eye, the curvature of these monitors is designed to emulate, as far as possible, natural vision, as if we were not looking at a surface. This reduces eyestrain, since the eye works in a more natural way, and images are perceived better, which facilitates a much more immersive experience, even if you are playing for long hours

It is also true that the curvature of the screen will directly influence your experience and comfort when using the monitor. Our curved Icarus monitors have, for the most part, a 1500R curvature, perfect for a gaming monitor that you are going to use on your desktop. This is because the curvature of our eyeball is 1000R, and the more the curvature increases, the farther away you need to be from the monitor to enjoy it to the fullest. That's why curved monitors are usually not too big, because we know that you will need to be close to it to play and your visual health is our priority, always

Advantages of a curved screen

With any of our Icarus curved monitors, you will get that totally immersive experience, as your vision will be fully immersed in your favorite titles. Also, if you are one of those who are looking for a monitor with which to enjoy many hours, always giving the best performance, a curved screen will help you for sure, plus all our monitors have Flicker Free and Low Blue Light technology, to avoid your visual fatigue to the maximum

On the other hand, curved monitors give you the sensation of being enveloped by the images, because they project them in a different way than flat monitors do. In addition, images will appear wider, also increasing the sense of depth and avoiding image distortion.

Curved monitors with the best specs

In our range of Icarus monitors, you will find different models with curved screen, all with different features, but with the best gaming specifications. From the comfortable size of 23'6 inches, IC24VAF165perfect for small desktops or as a second monitor, to the 34" ultrawide, IC34W4-Vwith which you won't need a second screen

Discover our 27" models:

  • Newskill Icarus Monitor Gaming 27" QHD 144HZ - R1500 VA - IC27Q4-V2Z, with spectacular 2K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, it is a monitor to enjoy the details, with a response time of 1Ms MPRT

monitor gaming curvo 27 pulgadas

  • Newskill Icarus Gaming Monitor 27" FHD 240HZ - R1500 VA - Esports IC27F2-V2Z, designed specifically for the most demanding gamers, because its 240Hz refresh rate has no equal. Play at maximum speed, with total precision, thanks to this model

monitor pc pantalla curva

  • Newskill Icarus Monitor Gaming 27" FHD 165HZ - R1500 VA - IC27F6-V2Z, a model for gamers looking for an interesting refresh rate, with a good resolution. A very balanced curved monitor model

monitor esports curvo

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