Keys to choose your gaming mouse

One of the most important peripherals in your setup is, without a doubt, your mouse. In our catalog we have models for all tastes and gaming styles, from basic to specialized, but always gaming. To help you choose the one that best suits you, we bring you this guide with the key points you should take into account in your choice

Where to start

Many times we get carried away by the aesthetic appearance of a mouse, and sacrifice features that we forget to take into account and that, as we use the mouse for more and more tasks and games, we miss

It is clear that you should love the mouse aesthetically, but what if you want to play competitive games, if you need to be the fastest in a shooter, if you would like to have shortcuts on the mouse itself? Well, therein lies the key to making the right choice, not forgetting what you are going to use it for.

atajjos ratón gaming

Main aspects to take into account

The main thing, as we said, is to know what you will use your mouse for. Once you know this, you can then compare the ones that best suit what you are looking for

In our catalog you can find a wide variety of models, each one more specific and professional, from something relatively basic in gaming, to the most pro. And it is true that our mice are specially designed for gaming, but Helios, Atreo and Habrok are affordable options for hybrid use: gaming and work. The rest of the models from Newskill would also work for you, but it is true that some, like the Arakne series, will have features that you may not need.

The importance of weight and DPI

If you're looking for a gaming mouse, do you need to consider the DPI? Yes, especially if you play very different games, such as a shooter and a MOBA. Let's say that sometimes you play League of Legends and sometimes you play Call of Duty, perfect. The most ideal for shooters would be to play with low DPIs, to better control the movements, and in MOBAs on the contrary, being titles with a much wider field of view and a different requirement of movements, the DPIs should be high, to get more speed with less mouse movement. At this link we looked in depth at the importance of DPIs.

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There are extras to maximize your skills with the mouse, such as its weight or the characteristics of the mouse pad you choose. On our website you can find the mouse pads with the best options, according to your style of play, with finishes to enhance speed or control. And, as for weight modification options, our Arakne Tournament mouse includes a set of weights that you can combine to your liking, so that it adapts to all your games, regardless of the game

We explain it clearly

As a summary, we will emphasize that there are three main uses for your mouse, related to gaming. Our recommendation is that you have clear the use you will give it, then you can see which are the most suitable models for it, and recreate yourself in the aesthetic options available, and other extras. These include the size, lighting and appearance, which is always an extra in your setup and even if they have wireless connection, as our Arakne Elite.

For those looking for a multitasking mouse, it is not necessary to invest in a mouse with an infinite number of options and 16,000 DPI, a simpler model would also be great. Atreo, Helios, Eos and Habrok are great options if this is your case

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For primarily shooter gam ers looking for smooth but controlled gameplay, we recommend a mouse with low DPIs, preferably with specific configuration options, as is the case with most of our mice. Thanks to the configuration options of the Newskill software mice, you will be able to configure buttons such as "sniper", which will bring additional control to your game. Our Lycan is perfect for this, but in this case, any of the mice from Newskill would be a foolproof choice, thanks to their DPI ranges Araknewith 10,000 DPIs and Arakne Tournamentwith their combinable weights won't let you down either

ratón RGB transparente Lycan

If MOBAs are your thing, Arakne Series is for you, no doubt. Choose between any of its three models, although the version Tournament y Elite are key to reach 16,000 DPIs, and a dizzying speed in your movements. In addition, this model has modular buttons, configurable down to the millimeter, to facilitate the most common actions to be carried out in the game, and ensure victory

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