Pyros Keyboard Firmware Upgrade Guide

In Newskill, we make products designed to last you a lot of time, for this reason, we keep updating them, so you can always make the most of them, and enjoy their functions and configuration, comfortably. This time, we bring you a guide to keep your Pyros keyboard configuration software working perfectly

Your keyboard always ready

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Today we talk about the new firmware update of our Pyros wireless keyboard, and its white version, Pyros Ivory. If you are one of the many users of this model, it is possible that, with the update of your operating system or other drivers or applications, you have experienced a problem with the detection of the keyboard by your PC, and the consequent problem of not being able to use the software of our keyboard, but do not worry, with this update you can use it again as before. If you have not experienced any problems, do not worry, you do not need to perform this update

Software and firmware operation

We know it's desktop culture and I'm sure you already know, even in a basic way, what software is and how it works. Software is the immaterial part, the data, and the programming that allows the hardware to work. On the other hand, firmware is a piece of software, dedicated specifically to a component, as would be the case of our Pyros keyboard

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Software allows for simple upgrades, unlike hardware components, which would have to be replaced with newer ones, such as when you want to renew your power supply. However, when a peripheral becomes "out of configuration" or has its functions limited, it is usual for a specific firmware to be released, which fixes these problems, and brings your peripheral back to life

This is what we have done with Pyros and Pyros Ivory, launching a firmware update so that you can use its configurator and modify its functions and lighting, in the easiest possible way. But this firmware is only necessary in case you have a Pyros or a Pyros Ivory, as we said, it is not indicated in the case of Pyros Speed or Pyros Special, since they are recent models

Firmware update

To correctly update the firmware of your Pyros, we advise you to find the folder where you have saved the Pyros software, and delete it, to make a complete installation from 0. Download the firmware from here and, if your keyboard is connected (by cable), it will probably open by itself, if not, just open it yourself and run it, hitting "start" and your keyboard will be updated in a few seconds. Reinstall the software and your keyboard is ready to be configured and customized again from its convenient software

software configuracion teclado

We like you to have our software to make everything easier for you, but if you ever have any problem or just have already configured a lighting and you want to make subtle changes, for example, the intensity or directly change the mode, you can do it with the shortcuts and key combination. In the Pyros manual you have all of them, but you will also find a guide in this link

We hope we have been able to help you, and show you that in Newskill we work every day so that you always have your keyboard ready for everything, and for a long time

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