Renshi VS Renshi Guang - FIGHT!

At Newskill we like families to get along; however, we know that having a mouse designed specifically for gaming can make all the difference in taking your skills to the next level. That's why we want you to sit back, get comfortable and get ready for the battle between the Renshi and its big brother, the Renshi Guang. Here we go.

The Renshi gaming mouse has been with us practically since the home computer came into our lives. Having undergone a huge evolution in size and design (who does not remember playing with the ball of the old mice, a classic), the mouse is the peripheral par excellence.

Decide which is the best Renshi gaming mouse for you

Let's start at the beginning. We already know that beauty is on the inside, but if it is also on the outside, so much the better, and the truth is that both the Renshi gaming mouse and the Renshi Guang are beautiful. With a sober and elegant design, the appearance of both mice is simply spectacular and of course, the next thing you want to do is touch them. We won't let you down here either: they both feature a natural rubber exterior of the highest quality that not only feels great, but also gives you a great feeling of grip. The only difference lies in their 6 buttons, which in the case of the Renshi gaming mouse come with a plastic finish and in the case of the Renshi Guang, in rubber.

Differences between the Renshi gaming mouse and the Guang model

But let's get down to business. One of the biggest differences that will make you opt for one peripheral or the other are the sensors, laser in the case of the Renshi gaming mouse and optical in the case of the Guang. Although both sensors are of high quality, the optical sensor is generally more accurate than the laser sensor, as the latter is more sensitive to the roughness of the surface on which it moves. So what makes the Renshi Guang truly special is its state-of-the-art Pixart 3360 optical sensor with up to 16000 DPI. With that many dots per inch you'll enjoy high-caliber precision, which will give you huge advantages in those games where you need to have a totally immediate response speed. However, either because you do not play on a large monitor or simply because at certain times you want the game to be less sensitive to movement, you can adjust the DPI through the Guang's software so that you perform better in each game without losing an iota of precision. And what both mice do have in common is their exclusive software through which you can regulate almost everything related to the external, from the sampling rate to the backlight. Oh, we didn't tell you about that? Both the Renshi and Guang gaming mice feature RGB technology giving you access to a choice of 16.8 million colors so you can give it your all on the battlefield in impeccable style.

which Renshi gaming mouse is better?

But let's get back to our fraternal dispute. We've determined that the Renshi Guang has an optical sensor and a higher DPI range than the Renshi gaming mouse, so does this mean that the Guang is better than its little brother? Not necessarily, but it will give you that extra precision you need, for example, in shooter type games, where missing a shot by a millimeter can have fatal consequences. In addition, in the case of the Guang, the increase in maximum speed (250 IPS) and acceleration (50 G) also gives it an advantage over the Renshi gaming mouse in this type of game, since greater acceleration allows the cursor speed to increase as the movement continues. As an extra tip, we recommend that you do not neglect your mouse pad, as a good canvas is everything.

In conclusion, both peripherals are ideal for reaching your full potential as a gamer. Both the Renshi and Guang gaming mice fit perfectly in your hand, combining a modern, elegant and avant-garde design with a perfect finish in top quality materials. However, if you are looking for that extra sensitivity, precision and speed in your games, we recommend that you opt for the Guang; a safe bet if you are looking to knock out your opponents with a single blow.

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