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When you choose your gaming monitor, you want its specifications to allow you to play your favorite video games in the best possible quality, but do you know what features directly affect the fluidity of images and the immediacy of your actions? Is a VA or IPS panel better? Is a curved screen worth it? We explain all this in detail, so you can choose the gaming monitor you are really looking for. Do you want to live the true gamer experience? Get your Icarus

We know that often the most striking thing about a PC monitor is its size, but in reality, there are many more things we recommend you take into account when buying a new computer screen. You could get a huge monitor, but with a mediocre resolution that, in the end, would end up being obsolete for most of the new generation games. That's why we decided to make this guide for you to understand perfectly what you can achieve with the Icarus series monitors, and we assure you that your game will be on another level

Different sizes for all setups

Let's start with the size, in inches, and it is something that you should take into account and think about, not because it is bigger it will be better. You will have to take into account the surface and the space where you want to have the screen, and the distance at which you will use it, because if you choose a very large monitor and the distance from your chair to it is very short, it is likely that it will not be comfortable to use

So you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for, in our catalog you will find monitors of 24", 27" and even 34", the latter being a great option if you have a large gaming area, and it is also designed to be super comfortable, thanks to its curved screen R1500. If you don't have that much space, don't worry, because the other sizes are the most common in terms of monitors, above the practical size of 24" inches, widely used by those who need a dual screen configuration

Our Icarus range features mostly flat monitors, but, as mentioned above, there are some curved screen options in various sizes that provide a great viewing angle. Are these the gaming monitors you've been dreaming of?

Icarus 27" FHD 240HZ - R1500 VA - IC27F2-V2Z is perfect for e-sports

monitor curvo FHD

Newskill Icarus 34" Ultra Wide QHD 144HZ - IC34W4-V, the ultimate for those looking for an epic monitor of incredible size, thanks to its 34 inches

monitor ultrawide 34 pulgadas

High resolution in all Icarus gaming monitors

Resolution is paramount, because it is the total number of pixels that can be displayed on a screen, whether it's a computer, mobile, tablet or other device, that's why, at Newskill, our monitors feature the highest resolutions. You will find monitors with FHD, QHD and UHD 4K, whose characteristics are detailed below:

FHD or 1080p: Full HD or Full High Definition. 1920 x 1080 pixels, known as the high definition standard

monitor pc FHD

QHD or 2K: Quad High Definition. 2560 x 1440 pixels, also known as 1040p.

monitor gaming qhd

UHD or 4K: Ultra High Definition. 3840 x 2160 pixels, the mythical 4K also known as 2160p. High definition in a much higher degree than FHD.

monitor pc gamer 4k

The truth is that any of these resolutions will allow you to play with a high level of image quality, although it is clear that the higher the resolution, the more detail and sharpness. But not only the resolution influences the quality and colors of the images on the screen, but the type of panel also has its implication

VA and IPS technology

At Newskill we use VA and IPS panels, which are derived from the first small panels, TN. TN, or Twisted Nematic, panel technology works by aligning liquid crystal molecules between two electrodes and allowing light to pass through or not. The main drawback of TN panels is that the RGB color channels are represented by only 6 bits each, and this means that the 16 million RGB colors cannot really be achieved

From this technology came the VA and IPS panels, improving the weak points of the TN panels, which are the ones we use in our range of Icarus monitors. Each type offers different characteristics, so you can choose the panel that best suits what you want from your new display.

Highlights of IPS panels: incredible viewing angles, high color accuracy and fidelity, and very interesting response times

Highlightsof VA panels: they have great viewing angles, high contrast and better response time than IPS panels.

Refresh rate and image fluency

A super important point is the refresh rate level, which will directly affect the fluidity of your video games, and your precision, since the more images per second, the better your aim will be, you will not miss anything. This depends on the Hz of the monitor, but it will also depend on your graphics card

Among our PC screens you will find different refresh rates because, although we focus on gaming monitors, in Newskill we like to have alternatives for all possible uses and, in case you do not want to play at a high level, you would not need to invest in a monitor of 180Hz or more, with 144Hz would be more than enough. This is because the number of the refresh rate corresponds to the images per second that the monitor will display, that is, if you choose a PC monitor with 165Hz, the images displayed on screen per second will be 165. Imagine the level of fluidity of images that reach our Icarus 240Hz, with them you will give wings to your characters

This is where your graphics card comes into play and Icarus' Adaptive Sync, compatible with G-Sync and Free Sync, for Nvidia and AMD respectively. This technology allows the FPS (frames per second) produced by your graphics card to be synchronized with the refresh rate of the monitor.

However, we must insist here that, even if you buy a 240Hz monitor, if your graphics card is from the last century, you will not be able to enjoy these refresh rates. This is because, if the graphics card cannot reach the maximum FPS that your monitor can reproduce per second, a screen with a high refresh rate will be useless. Therefore, it is important that you take into account the characteristics of your graphics card, you may want to invest in a superior one, before upgrading your monitor.

If you're sure that your graphics card will hold up to the pull, take a look at the gems we've left for you here: Newskill Icarus RGB Monitor Gaming 27" 4K IPS 144HZ - IC274K-4I

The extras that give life

As extra features, which do not really affect the performance of your monitor, but yours, all our gaming monitors have flicker free technology and blue light filter. Flicker free technology prevents image flickering caused by a significant change in the intensity of light on the screen and, although it is not usually noticeable, in the end it takes its toll on your visual health and makes you more tired. With our Icarus series you can forget about these little problems, because it also has a Blue Light filter, to further reduce your visual fatigue

VESA support is a plus, so you can place your gaming monitor as you like, plus most of our catalog is adjustable in angle and height, as well as compatible with vertical position

All these details are not essential, but the more configuration options and technologies to take care of your health, the better, right?

And well, as a geeky and distinctive touch, we also have the gamer PC monitors with a LED design on the back, there are with fixed colors or RGB, this is just one of the many models you'll find in our catalog: Icarus RGB Gaming Monitor 27" QHD - IC27QRC.

monitor RGB led

We hope this guide has helped you to better understand what features to consider when choosing your gaming monitor and we are sure that there is the perfect Icarus for you, just take a look at our catalog. We apologize, because we know that choosing just one new Icarus PC monitor is going to be difficult

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