White gaming keyboards Ivory range

If you are looking for a differentiating touch for your setup peripherals, join the Ivory revolution at Newskill. We have a whole range of great products in amazing white, so you can freely choose from more options, and get that setup you really want. Discover today all our Ivory white gaming keyboards that go with everything

More colors, more options

Since we introduced our first white gaming keyboards, many skillers have joined the team Newskill, and you know that we always want to offer you the best and the more options the better. The success of our white keyboards made it clear to us that what gamers wanted was a greater variety, and models that allow you to express your preferences, with maximum configuration options. Thus was born a new stage in Newskill, and now, we try to always bring you our keyboards in Black and Ivory range, and we even know that some of our users have already completed their setup with white products, do you want to be one of them? Here are our white keyboards, and here you will find more about the white peripherals you can find on our website

Chronos doble layout completo gaming

Almost all our models are available in white, except for the special ones, which are in different colors such as Pyros Special Aqua and Lavender, or Chronos TKL, which has a complete double layout, one in black and one in white, so you can customize it as you want. The rest of our models are available in Ivory version, so you can enjoy great features in the color of your choice

Suiko and Serike Ivory, the forerunners

We start with the models of mechanical keyboards that have been with us the longest, and that we know are top among our skillers Serike y Suiko Ivory. These gaming keyboards are similar in terms of performance, but Suiko has Kailh and Serike switches, and your TKL versionare made with Outemu switches. To clarify the differences between the different switches we use in our keyboards, here is a guidecheck it out and you won't go wrong with your choice

Suiko teclado blanco gaming

Suiko, Serike and Serike TKL, the version without numeric pad, are mechanical keyboards available with several variants of switches available for each model. You can enjoy them with Outemu or Kailh switches, depending on the model, in Blue, Brown, Red versions, from less to more silent

In addition, you should not only take into account the sound that each switch makes when choosing your keyboard, but it is also important to consider the sensation that you like the most when pressing: clicky, tactile or linear. Suiko, Serike and Serike TKL offer you the possibility to choose between all these options, and enjoy the keyboard that you deserve, and that is most comfortable for you. Of course, they are focused on gaming, but they are versatile, you can perform any office task with them, but it is true that there are some switches more suitable for them than others, keep this guide as your Holy Grail

serike ivory teclado gaming blanco

And, of course, as it could not be otherwise, these models have their configuration and customization software, so that you can totally adapt them to you, and enjoy their lighting to the fullest

Pyros Ivory and Pyros Speed Pro Ivory wireless keyboards

Our series of wireless gaming keyboards, with more and more options in terms of performance, also has two main models available in white: Pyros and Pyros Speed Pro

The difference between the two lies in that the switches are different Pyros Ivory has Kailh switches in three colors: Red, Blue and Brown; while the Kailh Speed Copper switches are Pyros Speed Pro Ivory has Kailh Speed Copper, Bronze and Silver switches , which define its name

pyros teclado blanco inalmabrico

Pyros is indicated for those users who are looking for a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, capable of synchronizing with three profiles at the same time, and with endless configuration options, including lighting and macros

On the other hand, Pyros Speed Pro Ivory has the same customization features as its original model, but with the difference that the switches are faster, since their actuation point is much lower. This makes it the perfect keyboard for higher level players looking to stand out and nail their shots in record time

pyros speed teclado inalambrico gaming blanco

Gungnyr Pro Ivory range, optomechanicals with infinite combinations

The Gungnyr series is one of our strongest bets in the world of gaming keyboards so far. It is our first series of optomechanical keyboards, with interchangeable switches, so you can make the most precise configuration, depending on what you play, or the use you are going to give at all times. As standard, both Gungnyr Pro Ivory and TKL Pro Ivory, are equipped with Gateron Red switches, and the difference between them is that TKL is, as you can imagine, the Ten Key Less version, for those looking for a smaller keyboard, but with all the functions

gungnyr teclado optomecanico blanco

If you are looking for a keyboard that allows infinite configurations, the Gungnyr series of optomechanical keyboards is for you, because along with its different gateron switch packsyou can customize it to the maximum. And, of course, it is our first white optomechanical keyboard, a must if you want to stand out at all levels, strategic, functional and aesthetic. As an extra, if you are a big fan of lighting, all its contour is illuminated, as well as its magnetized wrist rest. A spectacular combination

gungnyr tkl blanco optomecanico

As you can see, at Newskill we have a lot of models so you can create your gaming space the way you really want it. Join the Ivory team, put a white keyboard in your setup, and you'll see how your mood changes in a second

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