Arakne Series: three different mice for each type of game

Introducing our new Arakne RGB mouse series. Discover the three different models: Arakne, Arakne Tournament and Arakne Elite. Fall in love with their spider web design and discover the strengths of each model: ultra-light weight, interchangeable weights and the possibility to play in wireless mode. Haven't you made the leap to our new Arakne Series gaming mouse yet?

Arakne Series: the revolution in the mouse family has arrived!

Enjoy the professional quality of the Arakne Series mice with up to 16,000 configurable DPIs. All 3 models have RGB backlighting and different lighting effects configurable from its own software, available for download from our website. We have listened to your requests and designed a gaming mouse that adapts to all types of gamers and makes your life easier

Ambidextrous and with modular side buttons

On the one hand, the three Arakne models have an ambidextrous design that will allow both right-handed and left-handed gamers to play perfectly. On the other hand, it incorporates one of the most requested features by the gaming community for a long time: the modular side buttons. Arakne mice feature magnetically designed side buttons for easy assignment of quick commands. The buttons are detachable and feature a modular design.

Proprietary software and creeper-free cable

The software of the Arakne mice will allow you to configure all its buttons and customize up to 16,000 DPIs. The movement will be much more precise thanks to its panacord cable, which prevents the mouse cable from tangling and therefore the signal transmitted is more reliable and gives no margin for error.

Arakne, Arakne Tournament and Arakne Elite

The Arakne gaming mouse model has a honeycomb-style weight and weighs at least 71 grams

The Arakne Tournament model is characterized by an interchangeable weight between 75 and 97 grams thanks to weights included with the gaming mouse. On the other hand, its top cover also has a modular design and we can remove or put it depending on whether or not we want to keep the spider web style that characterizes the entire Arakne series.

The Arakne Elite model can be used via USB cable connection or completely wirelessly. Like the Tournament version, it also has a removable modular top cover. Its low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless technology makes it easy to play with the same quality of movement as a wired mouse.

All the details about the Arakne Elite battery

Arakne Elite features low consumption technology. There are two modes of use of the mouse, full mode and partial mode

In full lighting mode all Arakne Elite lighting is on (including the RGB halo)

The light is deactivated to save battery life for two reasons

  1. By inactivity of using the mouse after 1 minute
  2. When using the mouse

The RGB lighting is deactivated when using the mouse to improve the battery life and to be able to use the mouse for more hours at a time. As the Newskill symbology is located under the palm of the hand, we have chosen to offer better usability versus more illumination during use

In partial lighting mode the RGB halo is turned off and only the Newskill symbology is lit

With normal use of the Arakne Elite, the battery can last up to 50 hours on a single charge.

Arakne Series is now available on our website from only 39.95 euros.

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