Arkadia in depth: new wireless gaming controller compatible with PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC

At Newskill we know that many of you love to play games on your computer, but we also know that you play games on PS4 (to great games like God of War) and Nintendo Switch (on the weekend we do not miss our appointment with Mario Kart). That's why we present our new wireless gaming controller compatible with all your PS4, PC or Nintendo Switch games. Are you ready to discover the new Arkadia gamepad? We are sure it will be the perfect companion for your gaming chair during your long gaming sessions

Compatible with multiple platforms

The Arkadia gaming controller allows you to use a single controller to play your PC, PS4 or Nintendo Switch. You no longer need to use a controller for each platform. You will be able to get the most out of your games thanks to the elegance and simplicity of the Arkadia wireless gamer controller

Made with the best materials

Arkadia features an ergonomic grip design and interchangeable handles. Thanks to its manufacturing materials we will get a total grip to be able to focus only on what is happening on our gaming monitor. Another highlight of the Arkadia gaming controller is its high-precision sticks, with which we can improve our control (perfect for platform games measured to the millimeter as Mario Maker 2 or Celeste). The buttons of the new gamer controller from Newskill are backlit to give a different touch to our night gaming sessions

Social features and customization

The Arkadia gaming controller includes the Share button, through which we can share the best gameplays to show off our gaming skills. Arkadia allows you to upload screenshots, share video clips or make live streams without having to pause the game. You can also customize the touch panel with exclusive Newskill labels

Gamer details for gamers

If you thought the sound of your gaming headset was unbeatable, it's because you haven't yet heard the built-in speaker of the Arkadia wireless gamer controller. But not only the speaker and the touchpad are the only new features. Thanks to its Six Axis sensor, and its two integrated vibration motors we will reach a gameplay never seen before and we will witness a complete new gaming experience.

The gaming controller Newskill Arkadia has a battery life of 6 to 7 hours of wireless gaming (via bluethooth). We will be able to play from ten meters away from our Nintendo Switch, PS4 or PC and charge its battery (850mA) fully in just 2 hours

Synchronization of devices

Arkadia can be synchronized quickly and easily with any of the three devices with which it is compatible. We have prepared a video that will solve any doubts about this process:

The Arkadia gamer controller is now available for pre-order on our official website at a price of €49.95.

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