Find out more about Lycan: the first transparent mouse from Newskill

The mouse is one of the gaming peripherals that we use the most in our daily lives. Whether to work, study or play our favorite video games, it is one of the accessories that should never be missing in our set-up. We know that you are not satisfied with just any mouse, and that you even have several depending on the type of use you are going to give it. But... Have you ever had a transparent mouse with RGB? From Newskill we introduce you to Lycan.

Lycan: a totally different design

The new Lycan RGB transparent mouse joins the family of mice Newskill. Its design will surprise you with its new customizable cover. But Lycan is not only about novelties, it also keeps some of the most professional features of our mice, such as its 16,000 configurable DPIs, its 3389 Pixart sensor or its paracord cable technology (which avoids tangles).

Discover its customizable cover

The Lycan RGB transparent mouse has been designed to renew, experiment and innovate within an already consolidated family of PC peripherals. Its surface is made of translucent ABS plastic. This type of plastic allows the surface of the Lycan gaming mouse to be customizable, since the RGB covers the entire body of the mouse and you can configure the lighting to your liking thanks to its own software that you can download from the support section of our official website. The transparent mouse incorporates ARGB LEDs so you can customize it with different lighting effects, profiles and macros

The best performance for your games

If Lycan's exterior stands out, its interior is no slouch either. The Lycan Transparent RGB mouse features a Pixart sensor with up to 16,000 DPI, a polling refresh rate of up to 1000 Hz, acceleration of up to 50G and motion detection of up to 400 IPS. It includes HUANO clicks, which ensure a lifespan of approximately 50 million certified keystrokes. Play without limits with our new Lycan gamer mouse.

By and for gamers

Customize your Lycan mouse the way you want thanks to its customizable software. No two Lycan configurations will be the same and its software design has been designed in an intuitive and simple way so that customization is not a complex process. You will have profile settings, DPI settings, polling rate, macros and keystroke changes for each of the Lycan transparent mouse buttons. And, of course, you will also have a complete RGB lighting configurator to make the most of its translucent cover.

Care in the smallest details

Newskill Lycan incorporates a renewed paracord cable made of very soft and mobile materials. This will prevent your cable from tangling and you will be able to enjoy your online games without having to worry about the limitation of movements caused by your mouse. Finally we wanted to go a step further with the addition of our Teflon pads, which ensure a virtually infinite durability of Lycan if you make good use and maintenance of this transparent mouse.

The Lycan mouse is now available for only 49,95 euros.

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