Get to know Apholos Pro in depth

The Apholos Pro gaming microphone joins the Apholos family of microphones Newskillthe Apholos Pro gaming microphone joins the Apholos Pro family of microphones, and comes loaded with features, ready with polarity patterns perfect for any activity. Streaming, recording instruments, conferencing and even ASMR, with the best sound quality, thanks to Apholos Pro. Enjoy its elegant and functional design with adaptable stand, various integrated controls and robust high-quality chassis, of course, with the best RGB lighting.

Spectacular design and great features

Apholos Pro is specifically designed to give you the best performance in any activity that requires your voice to be heard clean and clear. Discover the professional audio experience, with its recording studio performance, that will make your voice come through loud and clear wherever you want it to. Apholos Pro has four polar patterns: Cardioid, Bidirectional, Stereo and Omnidirectional, from which you can choose to always ensure a flawless sound pickup, whether for streaming, recording, conferencing or even ASMR. This all-round gaming microphone will be everything you need in your day-to-day life

Maximum control for an incredible experience

Control all the options and possibilities from the Apholos Pro itself, as it has dedicated buttons so you can modify the polarity pattern, volume, lighting and even mute the microphone with a simple touch in a quick way, thanks to its button on the top. Its design is elegant and functional, as it is made of great materials and has a chassis that absorbs small bumps that can be generated with the excitement of the moment in your games. The angle of its integrated support is adjustable, to give you a greater comfort of use and its five selectable lighting effects will allow you to give a more personal touch at every moment.

Combine it with Mic Holder and boost your performance

Discover all that Apholos Pro has to offer with its easy plug & play installation, and enjoy impeccable sound quality in everything you set out to do. And to get the most out of it, it is compatible with the new Mic Holder. This mic boom, made of high-quality materials, can support microphones weighing up to 600 grams. It can be placed on surfaces up to 4.8cm thick, and is up to 84cm high, allowing the mic to pick up your voice loud and clear in any situation. Apholos Pro and Mic Holder together, will be the perfect combination for your streamings to give that jump in quality you are looking for.

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