Get to know Arakne Elite Ivory in depth

Arakne Elite joins the Ivory product range, so you can enjoy a gaming mouse with the best features and possibilities, in elegant white color. If you were waiting to complete your Ivory setup with a competition mouse, this is your moment

Full of features

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The Arakne mouse series consists of three models: Arakne, Arakne Tournament and Arakne Elite, and the latter has managed to enter the Ivory range as one of the most demanded products. Arakne Elite is a marvel, a perfect mouse to play at the highest level and, if you have not yet investigated what it can offer, now you are going to hallucinate

Arakne Elite Ivory is designed with a style reminiscent of spider webs, and designed to adapt to any player, so its shape is perfect for right or left-handed players. It features up to 16,000 configurable DPIs and, of course, stunning RGB lighting, which in its Ivory design will stand out like never before. Both DPIs and RGB lighting can be easily configured through the dedicated software, available through our website

Fully customizable

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A key feature that stands out in the Arakne models, and now in its Elite Ivory version, are the modular side buttons. These buttons are magnetic, so you can change them easily, and you can assign the commands you use the most, to access them in the fastest way, and be the ace of your game

To maximize your convenience, Arakne Elite Ivory can be used via USB connection or wirelessly, so it can accompany you at any time or place. Take it with you at all times. Its low latency 2.4 GHz wireless technology will make it easy for you to play with the same quality of movement, with or without cable.

As small details, this gaming mouse has a removable cover, so you can choose between the spider web design or the smooth surface, depending on your comfort. It has a special panacord cable, which prevents tangling and helps your movements with Arakne Elite Ivory to be transmitted better, reducing the margin of error. In addition, it has low consumption technology, to save energy, which is great, especially when you use it wirelessly, although the battery of this mouse can reach fifty hours of autonomy, with a full charge

Low consumption technology

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The low consumption technology consists of the automatic power saving option, limiting the illumination of the mouse, or turning it off completely, depending on the chosen mode. Arakne Elite Ivory can be used in partial or full mode, each of which has its own characteristics

In full mode, Arakne Elite Ivory's lighting is fully on, including the RGB halo. The light will turn off to save battery for the following reasons: inactivity or when using the mouse. The latter is mainly because the Newskill symbol will be covered by the hand, when using Arakne Elite Ivory, then it makes no sense for the RGB lighting to be active, as it will not be noticeable

In partial lighting mode, it will be the RGB halo that is off, but the Newskill logo will be illuminated

Get now this awesome gaming mouse, in exclusive Ivory design, and give a new approach to your whole setup

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