Get to know Chronos TKL in depth

If you are a fan of compact keyboards and enjoy peripherals that offer a lot of customization options, Chronos TKL is for you. Configure its layout to your liking, with its two complete sets of keys, one in white and one in black, and enjoy this unique TKL keyboard with numeric pad

Compact, while retaining the numeric keypad

Chronos TKL is the "TenKeyLess" mechanical keyboard with numeric pad. This means that it is not just any TKL, it does not dispense with the numeric pad, but with another series of keys, whose functions you can perform without any problem, by means of a combination of commands. On the other hand, you will enjoy the convenience of the numeric pad, while maintaining that comfortable compact format, which will allow you to save space in your setup

chronos tkl

Its Outemu switches, available in three different colors for you to choose according to your preferences, will accompany you for an eternity of games, since the average life of this type of switches is about 50 million keystrokes. Of course, it has the best anti-ghosting technology, and the ability to perform any combination and shortcut available in gaming keyboards, even if it is a compact keyboard

Infinite keycap combinations

One of the top features of Chronos TKL is that it comes standard with two complete sets of keycaps: one black and one white. This allows you to customize your layout, highlighting your most used keys, or changing them according to the game you are going to play. This not only has an aesthetic use, but also a functional one because, the black keys have a special design, specifically indicated for your fingers to adapt better, thus offering greater precision. This is great, especially if you are starting to play a new title, whose commands resist you, what better way to learn than placing your keys in a different color, and that offer greater precision?

chronos teclado gaming tkl

Combine both sets of keys as you like, or choose a single color, create shapes or simple drawings, we leave that to your choice. With Chronos TKL you will enjoy the highest gamer level, with a new design whenever you want

Software for maximum customization

We know that one of the most demanded options is the ability to customize the lighting of your gaming keyboard and, of course, Chronos not only allows you to exchange its keycaps, but you can select the RGB colors that you like, through its software, to establish the lighting that best suits each of your layout configurations. Choose from 18 different lighting modes and modulate their intensity to make your keyboard's aura vibrate with your own.

chronos software personalizable

Through this software, you can also leave your macros configured in a very simple way, so it will be much easier and faster to access them when you need them. Chronos TKL offers maximum performance and customization, with a compact design to accompany you in your big games

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