Get to know Newskill Fenrir in depth

Having in our catalog the Kitsune or Kuraokami chairs we had the obligation to give a companion to the height and after last summer we launched to the world our first rgb gaming table, today we want you to know in depth Newskill Fenrir.

The tables have always been the great forgotten in our set-up gaming so, in Newskill, we wanted to enter this world bringing our personal touch with a design designed to take advantage of every centimeter and meet the needs of each player, for example, we have added a coaster or "cupholder" that you can place on the side of the table that best suits you and avoid those spills of liquid that every gamer has suffered at some point of frantic game or simply by mistake...

Fenrir in detail

Newskill Fenrir has a hub with four USB 3.0 ports and a pair of 3.5mm mini jacks for headphones and microphone that facilitates the connection or disconnection of any peripheral and keep a much cleaner cable configuration. In addition, being a product Newskill could not miss a good backlight. Fenrir has on its sides four trims with which we can enjoy 11 different lighting modes and 7 colors (red, green, yellow, yellow, blue, purple, light blue and white) that we can keep fixed or rotate between them. These connections will be made to each other through different micro usb cables.

To get the most out of this hub and enjoy all its possibilities and effects, we must connect it directly to our computer to supply power to the hub itself. We must also connect the two jack outputs directly to our tower. Once all the connections have been made, we will be able to enjoy Newskill Fenrir at full performance. From the hub we will also be able to control all the RGB lighting that we mentioned before.

Configuration to your liking

In the world of gaming towers there are a multitude of classes that vary in size or materials and that without getting into custom chassis. For this reason the melamine board of Newskill Fenrir is reinforced and is able to withstand up to 300kg thanks to its structure and steel reinforced legs that end in plastic bumpers to take care of any type of floor and reduce the vibrations that can produce your tower, in case you want to have it on the table. The dimensions of our gaming table are 122cm wide, 68cm deep and 76cm high. These measures are designed so that we can reach any part of our table without having to move, in addition, the areas of the sides come out a little more out to give us extra space for our peripherals.

To finish

Now you know in depth our Newskill Fenrir RGB gaming table. A very useful complement for those who decide to assemble a set-up and want to take a step further customization. If you want to know more in-depth opinions and more extensive reviews our friends of Pure Gaming made an article where they analyze it in depth, we leave the link here.

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