Get to know Sylvanus Pro in depth

The latest addition to our catalog of gaming headsets, Sylvanus Pro, comes on strong. With a design and features of the highest level, and compatible with multiple devices, it will become the only headset you need for any activity

Enjoy the best sound experience

Our Sylvanus Pro headphones guarantee the best sound quality, typical of our Newskill headphones, but they also feature 7.1 surround sound, which will transport you right into your favorite game, allowing you to enjoy a totally immersive experience. You can also customize your software, and choose how you want to enjoy your headset through its detachable external controller, with a simple click

Absolute comfort

This headset not only offers the best sound experience, but is made of high quality materials and designed to offer the best comfort for long hours of gaming. Thanks to their ergonomic design and adjustable headband, made of anodized aluminum, you will forget you are wearing them

In addition, to offer you an extra level of comfort, Sylvanus Pro has two sets of ear cushions, one finished in leather and the other in velvet, so you can choose which type best suits you, depending on the moment.

As if this were not enough, the microphone has an anti-pop filter and is removable, so you can decide to remove it, depending on the use you are going to make of Sylvanus Pro, and on which device

Cross-platform compatibility

As we know that many of you have multiple gaming platforms, Sylvanus Pro is compatible with PC and consoles, including the new generation consoles: Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. Because they have two types of connection, Jack 3.5 and USB, you can also use them with other devices, such as smartphones. Play like a pro with this headset or simply enjoy the best sound on any of your devices

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