Get to know Tanaris and Tanaris Pro in depth

Welcome to our new gaming tables, designed to give you the best comfort in your long hours of gaming, with space for all the peripherals you need, and that will immerse you in a total gaming experience.

Our Tanaris model comes in two versions: Tanaris and Tanaris Pro, the latter offering some extra features, for those who are looking for the ultimate in gaming tables

Two versions for you to choose from

Both models are made of high quality materials, being its structure of reinforced steel, which guarantees great resistance. In addition, its extra-large surface allows you to place all the components and peripherals you need on it, and forget about scratches, as it has a carbon texture. As if all these features were not enough, get ready for your mouse to have no limits of mobility, thanks to the included waterproof mouse pad

Space and organization

Tanaris and Tanaris Pro not only have plenty of surface space, they also have the best features to keep your sep-up tidy. With the included cable grommet and organizer, you will no longer have any excuse to keep your table clean, and this will help make your play or work area more comfortable. You can also enjoy a hanger at the bottom, so you can always have your gaming headsets at hand. Have you seen how the new Sylvanus look in Tanaris? In case you're wondering which model of headset is featured in the presentation video

The extra gaming touch is provided by the RGB soft dream feedback, because we know that you love that your set-up and peripherals can be illuminated to your liking, and contribute to create that unique atmosphere, depending on what you play

Play like a pro