In depth: Wireless headphones Newskill Scylla

Today we bring you a user guide where we explain in depth each of the parts and options that give you our Scylla Wireless gaming headset. Many of you are already familiar with this comfortable headset, but I'm sure you'll also find details you didn't know here. Leave your old headset for a second on the Ashi stand and discover the headset you need.

Scylla in depth

Getting the most out of it

Once we have our Scylla wireless gaming headset with us, the first thing we have to do is to charge its battery to the maximum. For the first synchronization between the headset and the dongle, it is necessary that they are no more than 20 cm away from each other. This distance, once synchronized, can be increased up to 10 meters, giving us a good range of autonomy, as long as there are no obstacles in the way.

On/Off indicator On: place the button in the ON position, the blue light indicator will be on and blinking. Off: place the button in the OFF position, the blue light indicator will be on and flashing

For the first time connection: with the dongle connected via USB from PC/PS4, press the "EQ" button on the headset for four seconds, with the blue light indicator flashing and a beep until connected. (A red light on the dongle will appear when the connection to PC or PS4 has been successfully made, and will continue to flash before connecting to the headset).

Reconnection: if the connection between the dongle and the headset was made previously, reconnection will be made automatically in two seconds when the headset and PC/PS4 have been turned on.

Connection between headset and devices via audio cable: employ the audio cable to connect PC/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Smartphone (Xbox One stereo adapter may be required, sold separately). The 2.4G wireless connection should be turned off when using the audio cable.

With the detachable microphone connected to the headset Press the mute button, the microphone will be muted if the red light is illuminated. Press the mute button, the microphone will be working if the red light is not illuminated. With the detachable microphone disconnected from the headset, the microphone does not work

The Scylla gaming headset has 3 sound modes: "Standard", "Bass" and "3D". You can switch between them by clicking the "EQ" button once until you hear a beep, which indicates that the change has been successful (Note: the sound mode will be the same if you turn the headset off and on again)

Controls the volume

In detail

It is important to be clear about this information in order to understand the needs of our headsets and what they are asking of us. The Scylla gaming headset takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge its battery. We will have a charge indicator, if while we are charging is on is that they need a little more time.

As soon as they turn off we will be able to enjoy them wherever we want. If the battery level is low Scylla will warn us with a beep every thirty seconds, to prevent the product from shutting down it is advisable to put them to charge when the beeps start.

Our headphones have auto-on, so if they are not playing any sound or there is no activity for ten minutes will remain idle regardless of the position of the On / Off button

Blue light indication on the headphones:

  • Product is connected: the blue light is always on.
  • The product is not properly connected: the blue light flashes slowly.
  • When the product is searching for devices to connect to, the blue light flashes

Lighting modes

Our Scylla wireless gaming headset has several lighting modes, among which we can switch between seven fixed colors: green, red, purple, yellow, blue, pink and white.

Also, if we press the lighting button twice, we can switch to "Breathing" mode, keeping the color but giving it that touch of pulsation. Another of the modes that we can enjoy is the change between colors, having the option to switch from one to another with the "Spectrum" mode or also with the "Breathing" mode.

If we want to play without any kind of illumination we can always turn it off by holding down the button for several seconds.

To finish

We hope this guide solves any doubts you might have about the Newskill Scylla headset and encourages you to enjoy its sound and each of its aspects, such as its great versatility, being compatible with PS4, PC, Switch, Xbox and Smartphone or its great noise cancellation capability.

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