Iris Gaming Glasses: Benefits against blue light

One of the biggest problems, both for gamers and workers who are used to using screens for an average of eight or more hours a day, is eyestrain and the problems that this entails for our health. In Newskill Gaming we think of those professional gamers who do not take their eyes off their Icarus monitor or that office employee, who in addition to working in front of a screen during their workday, gets home, sits in her Takamikura and continues to fix her eyes on what she likes most: playing video games. That's why we have developed Iris gaming glasses to combat the harmful effects of blue light produced by this daily activity. If you also want to play safely, scroll down with your new Atreo gaming mouse and join us in this reading.

The best allies of the gamer world

Iris gaming glasses are a great ally against the sacrifice, effort and dedication that professional gaming requires. Spending so many hours in front of the screen is not beneficial for anyone and can end up taking a toll on our health. With this new accessory we intend to offer high-tech glasses designed to protect your eyes from the negative effects of the light from the screens. Equipped with Iris you will be able to improve your vision, reduce fatigue and be able to alternate gaming sessions with sessions in front of the TV watching the latest episode of your favorite series.

what is blue light and how does it affect us?

The sun is not the only light that has a negative impact on our retina, but there are other artificial light sources that can damage our visual health. Those of us who have grown up with a screen, the so-called millenials or digital natives, are the ones who are most affected by this type of harmful light. We spend more than six hours on average in front of a screen or device: computers, tablets, consoles, television, cell phones... The screens of all these digital devices give off blue-violet light, which is highly energetic. If we were to place this light in the color premium, it would correspond to the position just before ultra violet light (UV). It also shares with UV light its ability to damage the vision of those who are exposed to it. If we are exposed for long periods of time to this blue-violet light, we run the risk of progressively losing our visual health. For this reason, and in order to promote safe gaming sessions, we believe that Iris gaming glasses are a stylish solution to this situation.

A reinforced frame

Iris gaming glasses are ergonomically designed and made of high quality materials. The lenses are designed to reduce eyestrain and avoid common screen exposure problems such as dry eyes and redness. In Newskill we know that gaming is a hobby that we all spend more hours than we should, and therefore we offer design and lightness so that they can be used both for gaming and for everyday life: office, television, cell phone use... Health is not at odds with style with our Iris gaming glasses. You won't have to worry about transporting them, since Iris comes with a box and a pouch. And you won't even have to worry about cleaning them, as they also come equipped with a handy cleaning cloth.

Improve your visual accuracy with Iris

The lenses of the Iris gaming glasses incorporate a blue light filter to prevent visual fatigue from taking over your gaming sessions. Iris is an investment in health, but it is also an investment in improving your skills as a gamer, since you will be able to better appreciate everything that happens on screen with a higher sharpness and without the need to strain your eyes or suffer from glare. We hope that with Iris your vision and precision will improve, but that your determination to be a good gamer will remain intact.

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