Kimera V2 in depth: color modes of our gaming headsets

When it comes to buying a good gaming headset, functionality is as important as design. We will certainly not buy a headset that we do not like at first glance or that does not include RGB lighting if we are pure gamers. Our Kimera V2 gaming headset stands out for the different lighting modes that we can switch between to give our set-up a personalization that will seem totally new every time. Are you ready to discover the improved RGB lighting of Kimera V2? We'll tell you about it almost in our own voice (as if we were narrating it via Kaliope gamer microphone).

Enhanced RGB lighting

The Kimera V2 gaming headset from Newskill takes RGB lighting technology one step further. But without losing the sound and audio quality that always characterize this range of products of the brand. The Kimera V2 gaming headset supports Full RGB. With its dedicated software you will have the possibility to program the lighting of the headset to dazzle with up to 16 million colors. Four different RGB backlighting effects. On the outside of the gaming headset we will see the color variations to adapt each type depending on our style of play.

Unique Breathe lighting mode

In this lighting mode for our gaming headset called Breathe we will have the possibility to choose a fixed color that will simulate a breath, that is, it will appear and disappear with a fade of our headset. Decide which color you would like to appear on the outside and... let's play!

Multi Breathe lighting mode

This lighting mode is similar to the previous one. The difference is that instead of keeping a single color that appears and disappears, in this case the variation will be between all the available colors. So, for example, on the outside of our Kimera V2 gaming headset the different colors available will appear and will merge with those that will be reflected below. Ideal if you want to get out of the monotony of your daily games.

Rainbow lighting mode

The rainbow lighting mode of the Kimera V2 gaming headset is named after the rainbow effect that occurs when you set it like this. It differs from the Breathe mode in that the color does not disappear completely, but changes from one color to another without disappearing completely from the outside of the headset. The speed of change between color and color is therefore faster and produces a more visual effect than those mentioned above. Ideal for restless gamers.

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