Learn more about Pyros: ultra-compact and wireless gaming keyboard

We always face the same problem when we organize our desk, either to play or to work: space. If we put a monitor (or usually two), mouse, headset (with its stand), mouse pad and keyboard we practically run out of room to leave our notebook. The keyboard Newskill Pyros comes to your set-up to save you space and to allow you to take it anywhere. Do you type with us?

Use your space for what you really need it for

Our new Pyros mechanical keyboard is an ultra-compact 60% model. It leaves aside all the numeric and arrow keys to offer you 40% more space on your gaming table. Take advantage of this extra space for whatever you need and discover the comfort it offers when playing video games

Pyros is the first keyboard of the Newskill family that has these features and joins the select group of small size keyboards to which already belongs the Serike TKL (now also available in white)

Take your keyboard anywhere

The new 60% Pyros keyboard is not just another mechanical keyboard. It allows you to play both traditionally (with the USB cable connected to the computer) and wirelessly. It has a long battery life that will allow you to take your computer to a friend's house to play, use it to work or study anywhere or simply take it wherever you go to dazzle with its RGB lighting

Pyros is also the first wireless keyboard of the Newskill family and represents an innovation in the way of playing video games, as it does not always depend on the use of the USB cable connection

Use it on any device

Pyros takes compatibility to its maximum exponent. It is compatible with any bluetooth device that accepts keyboard. You can use your ultra compact keyboard 60% on Android devices, ios, television, smartphones, consoles, etc.. Make the most of your Pyros keyboard and give it more than one use. Dual connect your keyboard to your devices either by cable (consoles and TV) or wireless (for all other devices)

Give light to your set-up

With Newskill Pyros you can configure more than 17 different lighting modes, predefined and configurable through the software that you can download from the official website.

Pyros includes multimedia keys from which you can perform all kinds of shortcuts for your PC. Thanks to the built-in macro function (configurable through its own software) we can create a multitude of options to customize the keyboard to our liking.

what color is yours?

The compact gamer keyboard Newskill Pyros incorporates a network switch mechanism so you won't miss a single game when you play online. Type with the precision you were looking for and feel the characteristic sound of this type of switch while playing your favorite titles

The Pyros gaming keyboard is now available in black or Ivory (white). Decide whether you want to build a set-up with darker colors or an Ivory set-up by gathering Pyros together with Kimera V2 Ivory, Eos Ivory and Nemesis V2 Ivory

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