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Today we want to talk about the latest accessory that has arrived in our family, the Newskill Powerbank. Technology is becoming more and more indispensable in our lives and is present throughout our daily lives. It is noticeable, in aspects of our routine, as we have been adapting to it, adjusting our shopping or our forms of leisure to technological advances. The great arrival of smatphones around us has led to a development of mobile games that allows all types of players, whether casual or more professional, to be able to play a game at any time.

The drawbacks come when we see that the battery bar is getting dangerously low and approaching its end. This is where the Newskill Powerbank comes in. These accessories are, in essence, portable chargers that allow you to give more life to your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. This allows both those who, for their work, need these peripherals or those who want to continue hunting Pokemon in their city to enjoy those extra hours.

Newskill Powerbank

We want you to know in depth our Newskill Powerbank and make it easy for you to enjoy all the hours you need your smaprtphone, so we have launched our own powerbank. The new accessory from Newskill features a 10000mAh battery and Quick Charge 3.0 technology that will allow you to charge your battery four times faster without damaging your battery.

The Newskill powerbank has a type C cable and lightning port which allows full compatibility with any device without any problem. It also has a USB output compatible with voltages from 5V/3A to 12V/5V.

For our Newskill Powerbank we have opted for a high quality aluminum construction, with an elegant design and black finish. Its dimensions of 153x81x12mm make it the ideal companion for your travels or long gaming sessions. In addition, with its 228g weight, you won't even notice you're carrying it with you.

Everything the Newskill Powerbank has to offer

When assessing whether it is worth getting one of these gadgets, in this guide on the Newskill Powerbank we can highlight its ease of use, it is as simple as connecting it to your mobile or device you want to charge through its cable and ready, it would already be working and in a short time it will be back with the battery to the maximum.

As mentioned above, it also works for any type of device with a 5V microUSB input, from tablets to chairs, so its versatility is a strong point to take into account.

Like most of the devices you can plug it into, one of the main advantages of the powerbank is its portability, you can take it wherever it is more comfortable, from pockets, backpacks, shoulder bags, etc.. In addition, thanks to its capacity you can make more than one charge.

The perfect complement

The Powerbank 10000mAh is designed as the best accessory for your equipment Newskill. Illuminate your Kitsune RGB without the need to connect it to your computer, with the convenience of not having cables around your wheels. And that's not all, with our Shiva backpack and its in-body USB connector you can connect it and charge your smartphone from the backpack without having to carry the powerbank.

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