Let yourself fall in love with the new gaming keyboards from Newskill

With the arrival of a new year always come good resolutions and good wishes. At Newskill we end the year with a gift for all our new followers: the launch of four new keyboards during the Christmas season. If you want to renew your keyboard and get a new gaming keyboard, this year is a good year to do it. Discover our new mechanical keyboards and let yourself be surprised by our TKL model or by the first Spanish white keyboard on the market. Do you dare to type with us?

Serike: a compact mechanical keyboard with lots of RGB

The first of our four new keyboards that we want to introduce is the Newskill Serike. It stands out for its RGB lighting, with an aura of backlighting on the sides that runs through each and every one of its keys. The Serike mechanical keyboard is made of aluminum and has optimal dimensions that make it extremely lightweight. The standard version of Serike has an added extra that will delight every gamer: a folding wrist rest. You can rest your hand between games or use it to gain precision in that shot. The wrist rest can be put on or removed with a simple gesture, which will facilitate switching between one game mode or another

The gaming keyboard Newskill Serike has anti-ghosting technology to not lose any of the keystrokes you make on your new keyboard and does not affect any of your games. Serike will have more than twenty different lighting modes: eleven RGB modes, eight modes of "breathing" on the keys and five interactive modes that you can program with the dedicated software included with the keyboard and you can download from our Support section. All lighting effects are programmable and customizable with color combinations through the Serike software and the 16.8 million colors that you will have at your disposal. The Newskill Serike keyboard allows you to record macros directly on the fly.

Serike TKL: say goodbye to the numeric pad and hello to the space on your set-up

The great novelty that brings the Serike TKL keyboard compared to other models is to leave aside the numeric pad to add power and features through an ideal format for any gaming area or to free up space in your set-up

The compact mechanical keyboard Serike TKL, like the standard version of Serike is available in three types of switches: switch red, switch blue and switch brown. You can buy now our new revolutionary keyboard at a price of 39,95 euros on our official website.

Suiko: mechanical gaming keyboard with premium switches

The mechanical keyboard Newskill Suiko stands out for its innovative RGB lighting system from which you can create a halo of backlighting around it with multiple effects on your gaming area. It is a mechanical keyboard made with premium switches. Kailh technology will be present in its three versions: switch red, switch blue and switch brown. This type of switch technology will allow an excellent response speed on each key so you can be the fastest and no one can beat you in your gaming sessions. The Suiko gaming keyboard incorporates anti-ghosting technology so that no keystroke is left unregistered on each of its keys

Suiko has a structure made of aluminum alloy for a feeling of robustness while lightness that provides the perfect stability for gaming. It incorporates two anti-slip pins on the back so you can position the keyboard to your liking

Suiko RGB lighting will have more than 20 different lighting modes, divided into cycles on its outer edge, cyclic modes of "breathing" and various interactive modes. We will be able to configure all types of lighting from its dedicated software. We will also have multimedia keys and lock function for the keyboard, which accompany the creation of macros on the fly to achieve a list of options that offer a customization of the keyboard to the millimeter.

Finally, Suiko incorporates a padded attached wrist rest to provide extra comfort when facing your long gaming sessions. The Suiko mechanical keyboard has a matte finish on its keys to avoid slipping on the keys and provide greater safety.

Suiko Ivory: the color white comes to your set-up

Suiko Ivory has the same features as the Suiko model in black color and becomes our first white mechanical keyboard in response to the request that our followers have been asking for a long time. The mechanical keyboard Suiko Ivory is now available in the model switch Kailh red at a price of 69.95 euros and free shipping from our official website. The red switch is characterized by being the quietest and the security of having a premium gaming keyboard is guaranteed by its switch mechanism: the Kaihl, considered one of the highest quality switches on the market

And you... which mechanical gaming keyboard from Newskill do you choose?

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