Meet Horus and Horus Zephyr in depth

Our catalog of gaming chairs is expanding to continue offering a wide range of options and possibilities, available to everyone. At Newskill we love that there is a special chair for every gamer, the perfect chair to fit your set-up, your style, your personality. Discover all that Horus has to offer and get one now, in your favorite color, fabric or leatherette

Performance and functionality

Horus, with its ergonomic design and great features, is an affordable option to finally have that gaming chair you've been wishing for. This magnificent gamer chair is available in synthetic leather or fabric, reinforced metal base, reclining backrest up to 180º and ergonomic armrests, among many other features. And, what to say about its design, whether you are a lover of leatherette gaming chairs, or if you prefer fabric, Horus is for you. Nine colors in leatherette and eight in fabric. We send you lots of encouragement to be able to choose between all its versions

horus silla gaming polipiel

Comfortable and adaptable to you

At Newskill we like our chairs to be comfortable, beautiful, but also responsible for your health. For this reason, Horus has an ergonomic design so that your back has a correct posture during the hours you spend in it. In addition, if you are one of those who use your chair not only to play, but also to work or study, you will notice much less fatigue because, in addition to its great design, it has cervical and lumbar cushions. These are adaptable, that is, you can put the lumbar cushion at the height you need and, if you feel like doing without them for a while, you can easily remove both, and then put them back. With its gas piston, choosing the perfect height for you is very simple, so you can use your gaming chair on any table or desk - to your liking!

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For work, play or relaxation

Because it's not all about working or playing at the highest level of concentration, Horus and Horus Zephyr have a 180° reclining backrest, for those moments when you just want to disconnect and watch your favorite series or E-Sports competitions. When you want to rest, just pull the lever to recline your chair, and enjoy a moment of relaxation. In addition, the 350mm reinforced metal base provides great stability, supporting up to 150kg of weight and, with its wheels you can move Horus comfortably, from PC to console, or to any room where you need your gaming chair

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Choose from a wide variety of colors and finishes

As important as the utility of your gaming chair is, without a doubt, that it is a reflection of your personality and preferences. There is nothing like being able to choose the gaming chair you were really looking for, assemble it, and discover that your set-up is finally complete. That's why Horus is available in fantastic leatherette, and nine spectacular colors, but if you're looking for a fabric option, you'll be glad to know it's also available. Horus Zephyr is the fabric version and, unsurprisingly, you can also find it in a variety of colors, eight to be exact. Conquer the game in your new gaming chair, made especially for you

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