Meet Pyros Special & Speed Pro Series Funds

Our 60% mechanical keyboard, Pyros, is now available in new versions, with stunning colors and the fastest switches, Kailh Speed. Now there is no excuse to put a Pyros in your setup, the hard part will be to choose just one

We know that Pyros is one of the most demanded keyboards by our Skillers, and its features are a marvel: 60% keyboard with macro recording and lighting configuration by software, three profiles to link with three different devices and the possibility of using it via USB or with its Wireless functionality

If you thought you couldn't ask for more, we are going to surprise you with the new Pyros versions: Pyros Special Aqua & Lavender Edition and Pyros Speed Pro Series. We're sorry to put you on the spot, but you won't be able to avoid falling in love with any of them

Features that are the hallmark of every Pyros model

pyros wireless

Let's start with the features that these models have in common, which are basically the same as their original Pyros model. Both Pyros Special Aqua & Lavender Edition and Pyros Speed Pro Series share the Wireless essence, so you can play wirelessly how and where you want, but keeping the usual USB connection. They also have the lighting configuration software, as well as macro recording, in a comfortable and simple way. And, of course, the three profiles so you can use Pyros on three devices, without having to pair it to them every time you need it

Pyros Special Edition Specifications

This model shares 100% of the specifications and features of the original Pyros, as well as the Outemu switches. It is intended for casual gamers, who play on a regular basis, but without the need for professional performance. As the switches are balanced, they will work perfectly for both gaming and other tasks, such as typing

What makes the Pyros Special Aqua & Lavender version a unique mechanical keyboard is its colors. Let yourself be seduced by its blue or lavender keycaps, and choose the one that best matches the rest of the components of your setup.

pyros special aqua pyros special lavanda

Pyros Speed Pro features

If you are looking for the fastest wireless mechanical keyboard, and with more customization options, you can't miss this post about Pyros Speed Pro, the new version of our 60%, with ultra-fast Kailh Speed switches

pyros speed

With this new version of Pyros, we have decided to go up a level. Unlike the original Pyros and Pyros Special, which have Outemu switches, Pyros Speed Pro has Kailh Speed switches, switches designed to give you the fastest response speed in every game. If you want to play in another league, this is the keyboard you are looking for.

Meet the Kailh Speed switches

The key to the operation of the Kailh Speed switches lies in the fact that the travel that the key must make to perform the action of the command is minimal compared to any other usual switch. This means that every time you press one of its keys, they react much faster, allowing your movements and attacks to be incredibly fast

pyros speed ivory teclado blanco

Pyros Speed Pro puts in your hands the precision of a mechanical keyboard and the reaction of the ultra-fast Kailh Speed switches. They have the performance of Kailh switches, with an average life of 50 million keystrokes, but with a reduced actuation distance: the shorter the distance the switch has to travel to activate, the faster the action in your game

Three switches, three sensations

Choose between the three different Kailh Speed switches available: Copper, Bronze or Silver, according to your preferences. Each of them has its own force of action, that is, different pressure that must be exerted for the key to perform the action and this translates into a different sensation of pulsation, being that of Silver, Copper and Bronze, linear, tactile and clicky respectively.

Victory, closer than ever

With Pyros Speed Pro you will be unstoppable in your favorite titles, because you will speed up your movements much more than you think: more actions in less time. And, as we mentioned previously, this mechanical keyboard not only has ultra-fast switches, but also the features of the original Pyros. Customize it as you like, you choose the lighting, the black or white color of the keyboard and your macro settings, and don't forget its Wireless option. Play like a pro with Pyros Speed Pro, and you will see that victory is totally within your reach

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