Meet the new gaming chairs Newskill

From Newskill we present five new models of chairs so you can renew your current gaming chair. Good design is as important as comfort, and with the new additions to the skiller family we cover both needs. Which is your favorite model? We explain the features of the new gaming chairs below.

For all types of gamers and not only gamers

The new gaming chairs Newskill are designed for all types of gamers and households. The most economical model is called Nayuki and has a simple but elegant design. Aryon is the first chair designed for both gaming and office use. Akeron provides hours of comfort thanks to its robustness and micro-perforated surface. Kaidan is designed to make you fall in love and its ergonomic design is suitable for all kinds of postures. Valkyr is finished in premium materials and also has micro-perforations on the seat and backrest. Do you want to know them a little better?

Nayuki: a gaming chair for all budgets

Nayuki is one of the lightest and roomiest models in the entire catalog. Designed for use in long gaming sessions thanks to the comfort of its extra padded surface, spacious seat, curved backrest, reinforced structure and ultra-pressed padding.

The design is simple yet elegant and comes standard with a headrest in its own backrest. The backrest is 2.5D curved and will allow you to keep your back well cared for and to be able to change your posture in front of the monitor to combat fatigue. And if you just want to relax, you can always rock back and forth between games

With the padded armrest of the Nayuki chair, it will be easier to keep control of your keyboard or gaming mouse. If you do not like to use armrests, Nayuki allows you to remove them upwards to have freedom of movement. It has two cushions: one for the neck and one for the lumbar region.

Nayuki incorporates a class 4 piston that supports up to 150 kg of weight. Its 320 mm nylon base offers stability and its 50 mm wheels provide optimal sliding on any type of surface. The new Nayuki gaming chair is now available in five different colors.

Aryon: a stylish office chair

Aryon is the first chair model from Newskill Gaming with an office design. It is made of mesh material to promote breathability (both during working and leisure hours) and maintains all the comforts of the usual gaming chair models.

The new Aryon gaming chair incorporates new systems to adjust the height and recline. You can adjust the height of the backrest mechanism to adapt it to the shape of your back and the headrest you can decide whether to install it or not, depending on your height. The armrests adjust in height as needed and thanks to its multifunction mechanism it is possible to modify the height and recline the chair up to 140 degrees to rest.

Its design is one of the lightest in our family of gaming chairs. The frame and base are made of nylon, so it will be easy to transport. The base is equipped with 50 mm wheels ready for any type of surface. The new gamer chair Newskill Aryon is now available in black.

Akeron: robustness and comfort at your service

Akeron relies on its robustness to provide the best possible comfort. Its micro-perforated surface is designed to better withstand the temperature and promote perspiration. It has a reinforced steel frame and the density of the foam used will guarantee you years and years of gaming chair. Its class 4 gas spring allows up to 150 kg of weight and 80 mm of travel

The Akeron gamer chair 's reclining mechanism allows you to adjust the backrest from 90 to 180 degrees and its 3D armrest allows you to adjust the height, front translation and horizontal translation.

Akeron's stability is guaranteed thanks to a 350 mm star-shaped base finished in reinforced metal and 63 mm wheels (one of the models with the most stable wheels in our family of gaming chairs), which are coated to protect all types of surfaces without sacrificing a good glide

To continue betting on comfort, it comes standard with a neck cushion to combat fatigue and a lumbar cushion that you can adjust to the height that best suits your type of game. The Akeron gaming chair is now available in five different colors.

Kaidan: a design to fall in love with

Kaidan presents an elegant and ergonomic design finished in quality materials. Thanks to its reinforced metal structure and the combination of padded interior and ultra-pressed foam, the stability of the new gaming chair model is guaranteed.

To reinforce the comfort it includes two cushions, one for the lumbar area and one for the cervical area (with a different design than usual in previous models of chairs Newskill). Its 3D armrest allows you to adjust height, angle and front and back positions. In this way you can adapt the armrests of the chair to your liking

It has a reinforced steel base, a class 4 gas piston that supports up to 150 kg of weight and a butterfly mechanism that allows you to recline the backrest up to 180 degrees or even swing with the chair. The new Kaidan gamer chair is now available in five different colors

Valkyr: premium materials and breathability

Valkyr is characterized by an avant-garde and elegant design. Designed for your comfort in every game thanks to its premium materials and microperforations in seat and backrest to play without worrying if it's summer, winter, spring or autumn. Its sturdy steel frame and foam padded interior reinforce this new gaming chair and allow you to enjoy gaming sessions with the necessary comfort

The Valkyr gaming chair reclines up to 180 degrees and features a tilting seat. Its 4D armrests can be adjusted in height, position, depth and rotation. Valkyr incorporates a star-shaped metal base finished with reinforced wheels to allow sliding on any type of surface. Like the rest of our new chair models (except Aryon) it has two cushions: one for the neck and one for the lumbar region. The new Valkyr gaming chair is now available in 5 different colors

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