News of the week: Welcome IRIS and IXION to the Newskill family!

This week is full of news at Newskill. First of all, we are proud to finally present our professional IRIS glasses specifically for gamers. The second news is related to the beautiful children of Newskill: our peripherals catalog. We are very happy to announce that we have finally responded to your requests. IXION: An answer at full volume.

If you spend hours in front of the TV or computer screen, IRIS glasses, with their blue light filter, will help reduce dryness and eye fatigue. In addition, they are made of super-light polycarbonate and the design is absolutely amazing (we're not telling you: we're showing you).

The IXION microphone comes to become the ideal companion for the gamer and youtuber who needs his voice to be heard clearly even in the noisiest environments.

The Ixion microphone is designed to record your voice with maximum clarity both in your room and in the most crowded LAN parties. However, knowing that conditions may not always be optimal, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your IXION when recording your podcast or YouTube video.

Choose the right place to record with your Ixion microphone

First things first: find the most comfortable and quiet place to record. If the type of recording allows it, look for a comfortable chair with a good backrest to support your upper torso while recording with your Ixion microphone to avoid injury. We recommend our professional KURAOKAMI and TAKAMIKURA chairs.

Position is everything

Although the Ixion microphone has built-in noise cancellation and a pop filter (so that consonants "p" and "t" do not reverberate), it is advisable to position the microphone 10 to 20 cm away from your face so that your voice comes through as loud and clean as possible. Although the ideal distance between your face and the microphone sponge may vary depending on the power and timbre of your voice, keep in mind that the smaller the space you leave, the more the bass frequencies will increase.

Adapt the Ixion microphone to your posture

We often unconsciously lean towards the Ixion microphone to speak. However, it is always advisable to adjust the microphone to your body posture and not the other way around. But how high should I put it and do I have to tilt it? The truth is that there is no right answer, since some people prefer to speak with the sponge positioned perpendicular to their mouth and others prefer to tilt the microphone up or down a little. In any case, the Ixion microphone is fully adjustable, so it is best to try it out for yourself to see which position suits you best.

Ixion microphone: remember you're here to have fun

When you start recording with your Ixion microphone, especially if you're not very experienced, you may get nervous or think that your voice "sounds funny" on the recordings. Don't worry. It's perfectly normal. Take a deep breath, relax and think that the key to success is that you are the first to have a good time. It's also a good idea to always have some water on hand (not cold, so as not to damage your vocal cords) to keep you hydrated.

We hope you have taken good note of our tips to get the most out of the new members of our family. Don't forget that both the Ixion and IRIS microphones are now available for pre-sale in our store with an amazing limited-time introductory offer - don't let them slip away!

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