Themis Pro and Themis Pro RGB in depth

At Newskill we are proud to present this impressive mouse pad, in different sizes and with the option of RGB lighting, made of incredible Cordura material. A professional mouse pad, that will take your gaming level to another dimension, offering very fast movements, but always under control. No matter what your gaming style is, Themis Cordura is for you, and we assure you that you won't be able to get rid of it.

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Cordura: the best performance

Themis Pro is made of Cordura fabric, a high-performance synthetic fiber, generally used to make products that require spectacular resistance, such as motorcycle or military equipment. Over time, the use of Cordura has been incorporated into more areas, offering benefits that other fabrics could not match, despite having great characteristics

The application of Cordura as the manufacturing material of Themis Pro, guarantees that this mouse pad will really influence your games, as the glide it offers for your movements with the mouse, is wonderful. In shooters you will notice it a lot, and in combination with a good mouse that allows you to control the DPIs, like the ones in our catalog, you will be able to adapt to the maximum your game style to reach levels you never imagined

cordura mouse pad Themis

In addition, that speed will translate into precision because, its surface is ultra slippery, while its rubber base is just the opposite, to offer you maximum control of movements,

And of course, the Cordura also makes the Themis Pro incredibly durable. It is super resistant to abrasion and tearing, so it will last you a long time, and if you add to that that it is also resistant to splashes, it will surely take away a worry. While it's clear that, thanks to Cordura, Themis Pro is an all-rounder, we expect you to treat it with care

A mat for everyone

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Themis Pro is just 4 mm thick, which is enough to perfectly withstand the dragging of the mouse, avoiding the effects of abrasion and deformation. It is available in two models, with and without RGB, with their corresponding two sizes: 460 x 400 mm and 960 x 400 mm. If you are looking for a surface for your keyboard and mouse, the large size is yours and, in case you want a smaller mouse pad, the 460 x 400 mm size will give your mouse all the control and precision it needs.

We leave you the video presentation of this spectacular mouse pad, in which you can also see the size and design comparison with RGB, as well as check its resistance and impermeability. Themis Pro is the best of the best in gaming mouse pads, what our Skillers deserve, and if you include it in your equipment you will surely agree with us

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