Amazon Luna, Project XCloud and the future of video game streaming
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The world of video games is evolving faster and faster. Two days ago we were playing so quietly with our Megadrive or Nes cartridges and now we are already facing a scenario where physical games are in danger. From subscription services to incentives for digital purchases, there are more and more purchases in the latter format and more and more people have forgotten about their game box. The latest technology set to be the future of video games is streaming. The goal is to remove the dependence on a console or device and focus on enjoying each experience. Do you already know all the alternatives?

Project XCloud is positioned as the first option

When Microsoft said that its rival was not Sony with its Playstation but companies like Amazon or Apple, it made its strategy for the new generation of consoles very clear. Xbox was therefore going to focus on services and not on a fight against the same business model against Sony that it could not win

Its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, which gives subscribers a catalog of more than 200 PC and console games, already has more than 15 million fans worldwide. And not only does it include games to download, but it also gives access to the beta of the Project XCloud service, Microsoft's commitment to video game streaming

We will be able to play this service from any Android mobile device and from our computer, there is even talk that it could be compatible in the future on our television. Its main strengths are the catalog of games, being able to play titles such as Gears 5, its price (we can have access to Game Pass for only 13 euros per month and its compatibility with the Xbox controller. If we have any Xbox controller we can use it to play this streaming service. And we will also be able to enjoy the service with any other controller, even the PS4

Amazon Luna, the new competitor on the way

Amazon is known for being the world's largest marketplace for online sales. But it is not satisfied with just dominating that market, it has also begun to offer a whole range of services (some included in the Amazon Prime service and others not). Series and movies, music, books, audiobooks... and now also video games. After months of rumors about Amazon's entry into the world of video games, the company's new streaming service has arrived: Amazon Luna

Luna is characterized by offering access to a catalog of video games from 5.99 euros per month. Just like the current TV packages, which offer access to more and more content depending on the modules we have contracted, Amazon Luna also offers to expand the initial plan to accommodate more and more playable proposals (for example there will be an exclusive channel of Ubisoft games). The new streaming service will be available on PC, Mac, Fire TV and Iphone and Ipad (a differential element with respect to Microsoft's proposal)

Amazon Luna will allow you to play with any bluetooth controller but recommends playing with the exclusive controller that they will launch when their new streaming service is released

Google Stadia: the best performance with an inferior catalog

Google Stadia was one of the first video game streaming services to hit the market, though perhaps not in the best possible way. The quality of the streaming is undeniable and it is probably the best service in terms of stability of all those we have mentioned so far (pending to see the performance of Amazon Luna). The main problem with Google Stadia was its launch. Google's proposal to reserve the service was to pay 129 euros to get a Chromecast, an exclusive remote control that they launched for this service and premium access to the platform for 3 months. An option that was a bit more expensive than the initial outlay proposed by the rest of the competitors. At its launch you could only have access if you had made that reservation or if someone who had made it invited you

After a timid launch in terms of impact, Google announced a free month for everyone and that is when we were able to test the service. The main difference compared to other options is that it is not a service that gives you access to a wide catalog of video games, but you can opt for a small selection of titles from 9.99 euros per month. The rest of the video games available in its catalog, if you want to play, you will have to pay full price. While it is true that for members of the service they are offering occasional offers, it is also true that paying 70 euros full price for a game that you don't even own is not a good taste for anyone. Their PRO service is adding free games periodically, but we think they should make a radical change to their policy if they want to compete with Microsoft and Amazon

Being the first does not always ensure you are the best, but we are sure that if they change their business model and offer access to their entire catalog of video games for a single monthly payment, they could do a lot of damage to any rival, since they have the best technology on the market and a huge budget to invest in the acquisition of new titles and marketing. Their trump card for the future is the fact of having exclusive titles (such as Gylt) and a team focused on creating exclusive videogames for the platform

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