Aryon gamer desk chair: discover its advantages

It is true that on many occasions you have considered buying a gaming chair for your study but it does not fit with the serious and professional atmosphere of study and reflection that you want to give to that room where you sink your elbows and sweat sweat sweat and tears to prepare before each exam. From Newskill we wanted to give you the solution to this problem by bringing out a new gamer chair that looks perfect on your desk. If you want to discover the advantages of our Aryon gamer desk chair, don't miss all the features below. Are you going to miss them?

The first Newskill chair with office style

Aryon has a versatile and intelligent inspiration and is the first chair of Newskill Gaming with a more sober style typical of a work office or a study of any home. It does not forgo all the features and comforts that our best gamer chairs such as the Takamikura or Kitsune are known for. The Aryon gamer desk chair adds a sober and elegant design and has been manufactured by and for gamers in mesh material, perfect to withstand high and low temperatures

A design never seen before

The new Aryon gamer desk chair has been designed entirely in mesh material, which favors complete breathability and allows maximum comfort during long gaming and/or study/work sessions. For this model of gaming chair we present a new adjustable system, both for the headrest and the backrest, solving the needs that previously covered our lumbar and cervical cushions, so you can focus your eyes only on the design of the chair

By means of a system between tabs we can adjust the height of the mechanism of the backrest of the Aryon gamer chair to adapt it to the shape and consistency of our back. The headrest can be installed or not depending on our preferences and how comfortable or uncomfortable we are after a first contact with the chair

Adjust your position and look for comfort

The Aryon gamer chair includes height-adjustable armrests so you can adjust them to your image and likeness to be able to study or work in optimal conditions. It includes a multifunction mechanism with which you can change its height or recline up to 140 degrees to rest your back and head during your leisure sessions, work, study or when you just need to rest your eyes for a while or relax for a few moments

Aryon has been manufactured with the best materials and the frame and base of the Aryon gamer desk chair has been made of nylon, making it a very light and easy to carry from one place to another peripheral. It should be noted that its base is topped with 50 millimeter wheels that will not damage any surface on which they slide. You can now purchase the Aryon gaming chair on our official website at a price of 139.95 euros.

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