DoctorePollo: CHALLENGE INTERVIEW (Part Two)

As promised: this week we bring you the second part of the interview with DoctorePollo, in which he will tell you both his opinion on the future of youtubers and which member of the Crazy Crew he would choose to accompany him at the end of the world.

Newskilla few years ago, professions such as youtubers and e-Sports players were considered a passing fad. However, today you are part of an industry that continues to grow both in terms of viewers and recognition, do you think there is still a long way to go?
DoctorePollo: Yes, there is still a long way to go, it is still seen with "bad eyes" to work as a youtuber. I think that little by little people will accept it. I think the youtuber profession has a great future because, let's not fool ourselves, everything is evolving around the Internet and Youtube is one of the most visited websites. Little by little it will be more normal to be a youtuber.
N: What do you think of YouTube as a platform for publishing content? What does YouTube need to improve?
DP: I think it has given many of us the possibility to make ourselves known and that is something we should always be grateful for. However, Youtube needs to improve in the most basic aspect: efficiency. Many times the visits fail, the publication of the videos in the feed (to our audience) also fails or is delayed for hours once uploaded. In my opinion that's the main thing they should fix.

N: Despite being a young platform (barely 10 years old), it is already known that on the Internet changes happen at the speed of light. Do you think that in the future Youtube will continue to dominate the online audiovisual content broadcasting scene?
DP: I think that for the moment Youtube is very difficult to unseat, some have tried with zero success.
N: As a youtuber, do you see yourselves integrating into traditional TV? And in other digital content platforms such as Netflix?
DP: I don't see it in traditional TV. It is too much controlled by companies and we are more... autonomous. Besides, apparently there is a certain rivalry between TV and Youtube since, if I'm not mistaken, Youtube already has more audience than the TV channels themselves. On platforms like Netflix it's different, there I see that there could be a good connection.
N: It's time for the salseo, any anecdote while you were recording a video that you want to (and can) share?
DP: Between us? Yes, there have been some annoyances between practically all of us hahaha. I'm very temperamental and although it rarely happens to me sometimes I go crazy and start hitting everywhere (never to my partners hahaha). That's why we have a bag in the office, to unload from time to time. Of course, we all get over it very quickly and it's usually nonsense, nothing serious hahaha.

N: Come on, get wet, which member of the CrazyCrew would you save from a nuclear apocalypse?
DP: Jordi. I think that if it was just him and me, he would be the most feminine and in a world without women we would have to cover needs, hahaha.
N: Does the quality of the products you use in your videos influence you? which are your favorites?
DP: Well, it's always fun to go the extra mile. Plus we have a better time. It's fun to take a few penalties, but if we add a hoverboard to spin around and make them dizzy even better, right? Hahaha. As for my favorites... I don't know. I really like the yoga ball, you can do a lot of things. hahaha
N: As an online content creator, you spend many hours in front of the computer, do you take any measures to avoid injuries?
DP: I don't take any at the moment, but I should think of something to protect my eyes and take care of them, which are the main thing in these things. Otherwise, my videos tend to be more about standing and exercising than sitting.
N: Do you think it's important to have the backing of brands when developing a career as a youtuber?
DP: Yes, it is very important, as it gives you the option to get a higher income or products, and the truth is that both are very good for generating higher quality videos, at least in my case.
N: We like to be told nice things ;) Why did you choose Newskill as a partner brand? What do you like most about us and our products?
DP: First of all the image and the quality of the products in general. I really like the design of all the products and the keyboard is a wonder created by gods; I have had many and none so comfortable and efficient. The chairs are extremely comfortable, and they are also capable of withstanding a dizzy penalty challenge... hahaha. They are so comfortable that many of us have fallen asleep peacefully in them hahaha.
N: And finally, any advice for future youtubers?
DP: Have fun. I think that's the main thing. Have a good time, have fun, do what you like and above all at first take it as a hobby (which at the beginning is what it should be); and if then come more things ... well, welcome and keep working.

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