Jokes, challenges and lots and lots of fireman ideas that no one should repeat at home unless, like him, you want people to laugh their asses off. With more than a million subscribers on his Youtube channel, at Newskill we can't think of a better way to introduce one of the house Youtubers and one of the most hilarious guys on the Internet: DoctorePollo.

Newskillas I guess you already know, at Newskill we are 100% dedicated to the user, so our first question couldn't be any other, what do you think your followers see in you? what is most important when it comes to offering quality content? what aspect do you take care of the most?
DoctorePollo: Entertainment. I think entertainment is really what I strive for in every video I upload. The goal is always the same: to amuse and entertain everyone who watches it, so that people stop worrying about everything else for the duration of the video and have a good time.
N: What is a day's work like for you? How do you organize yourself?
DP: It's many and many hours throughout the day, but it all depends on how you set it up, in my case I usually have everything pretty organized.
N: Do you still play in your free time? Is it difficult to separate work and leisure or do they usually come together?
DP: Playing and working are the same thing for me right now; it's difficult to separate them, although I manage to do it with different games and so on.
N: How did you start on Youtube?
DP: I started out of boredom. I had a business that was closing for a few months, I got a console and joined a forum with some friends, we decided to upload our games and when I saw that people were also commenting on them I said to myself... well, we could try it. And to this day!

N: Did you expect to reach the success you have today? at what point did you start to consider it not as a hobby but as a way to make a living?
DP: I didn't expect to be successful, far from it, I guess nobody expects that. I started to consider it as a job when I saw that the income exceeded the job I had at the time. At that moment I decided to give the hotel business a break and dedicate myself 100% to what I really like.

N: It's clear that you have a great time shooting the videos (just watch your last video). Where do you get the ideas from?
DP: We have a great time. In a way I think that's part of the success of the channel, that we have such a good time doing what we do. The ideas... let's just say I have a head full of them, hahaha.

N: We love your challenges, which is your favorite of the ones you've done?
DP: I have many favorites... but, without a doubt, the slippery finisher takes the cake. It's such a fun challenge.

N: How do you approach your future? What do you think is in store for successful youtubers in 10 years?
DP: One step at a time. It's true that you have to think a bit about what will come next, but there are so many things that can happen... so it's difficult to make an accurate assessment. There are so many doors that can open for us due to the success of our channels that you never know.

If you want to find out the funniest thing that happened to DoctorePollo while recording his videos or want to know his tips for future youtubers, don't miss the rest of the interview that we will publish next week. Stay tuned to our blog!

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