Mens (gamer) sana in corpore sano with chairs Newskill

how long does the professional life of a professional e-Sports player last? In an increasingly competitive world, there are more and more frequent cases of players who decide to voluntarily retire from the front line of the gaming scene at a very young age.

That was the case of YellOwStaR, the League of Legends star who announced his retirement last October after only 24 years and six years of career as a professional player. But why is the cycle so short? According to most players, the high competitive level requires great physical and mental capacity and, at a certain age, it is increasingly difficult to stay in shape. The truth is that being an e-Sports devotee requires many, many hours of practice (often exceeding the hours spent sleeping). And to dedicate so many hours of practice you need a good chair Newskill.

High competition requires a chair Newskill

If we look at the figures, the current trend is for gamers to retire from professional gaming at around the age of 24 to 30. This leaves a margin of around 5 to 10 years of intensive career in which they can spend more than 60 hours a week training to give their all in every competition. But we are not only talking about professionals. According to a 2014 study, Spaniards between the ages of 11 and 65 spend an average of 5 hours a week playing, although depending on the player the hours in front of the screen can equal or even exceed those of a person dedicated to administrative tasks. So many hours end up taking their toll if the proper precautions are not taken, since poorly ergonomic and maintained postures generate a risk factor in the appearance of musculoskeletal problems. Therefore it is necessary a good gaming chair that takes care of our body, and what better than a chair Newskill to fulfill that function.

Some recommendations regarding ergonomics

The most important thing, of course, is to be aware of how to position your body when facing a gaming session: shoulders relaxed and elbows close to the body; neck and head should be aligned with the torso. But who are we kidding. Maintaining a healthy posture is easy for the first five minutes, but when you start concentrating on what's going on in the game, there's no more room to think about maintaining a correct posture. The Newskill chair will help you to automate your posture and enjoy your most demanding gaming sessions without any worries.

chairs Newskill as a preventive remedy?

can the regular use of a specific gaming chair prevent future back pain and discomfort? Can you prevent your back from going "game over"? To resolve these doubts, we put ourselves in the hands of professionals and consulted the Association of Physiotherapists of the Region of Murcia. Are Newskill chairs the solution to all back and neck problems?

"The use of a chair that can be adjusted to the natural curvatures of the back - we are told - also helps to prevent possible discomfort caused by poor posture in front of the computer, as they allow the gamer to maneuver without leaning forward, a difficult condition that causes fatigue during the game"
They are also very precise with the characteristics that a gamer chair must have "it must include a seat, a backrest, and at least one adjustable armrest that favors the rest of the arms and therefore avoids overloading the muscles of the upper limbs and neck. In addition, the seat part and part of the backrest are preferably made of a foam padded material for greater comfort."

But what is so special about gaming chairs? The school points out as an important element the fact that the chairs can rotate on their vertical axis, since, they say, "this avoids constant rotation of the lumbar area and therefore possible injuries due to rotation. In the lumbar area they should include a cushion to respect the natural curves of the spine while we remain seated and, therefore, not generate a rectification or inversion of the lumbar curves and disc hyperpressure " That is, being able to rotate the chair prevents you from constantly rotating your torso. In addition, an ergonomic design should favor a posture that maintains the natural position of your spine. And Newskill chairs favor that posture.

Chairs Newskill are adjustable

Another important factor is the height adjustment of the chair. "Being able to adjust the height of the chair not only allows the correct support of the feet on the floor, but also prevents the player from being forced to sit on the edge of the seat, generating a fall of the pelvis to retroversion, causing lumbar pain due to inversion of the curve of the same. The cervical pillow must be able to be placed on the back of the neck comfortably" We translate: Your gaming chair must be adjustable so that when you sit down you keep your feet flat on the floor and your butt against the backrest.

The school also encourages us to prevent our pelvis from sliding and to keep it at the back of the seat all the time. It is also a good idea to look for a gaming chair (such as the Newskill chairs) with swivel armrests that allow you to hold the console controller with full forearm support.

The advice of Newskill

You already know the opinion of the professionals, now it's your turn to take note. For our part, Newskill would like to give you a couple of extra tips to take care of your back: rest at intervals and, if possible, take advantage of those minutes to do some stretching. Head, neck, back, wrist, hands and arms need to unwind from time to time. And not only that; the pause will clear your mind and improve your ability to concentrate. Think that all athletes need to stop from time to time! Don't hesitate any longer and go for a chair Newskill. Invest in health.

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