New blog: Feeling the Game

Newskill is launching a new blog, which will include news about competitions, sweepstakes, product news, interviews with professional gamers and all the latest news about the brand.

All of us who spend hours and hours immersed in our online life know that the golden rule of the Internet (and probably the only one in this new wild west) is: blink and you miss it. Introducing the new Newskill blog to keep you informed about all the latest news from the world of video games

The blog of Newskill brings a lot of content

The premiere of Newskill 's blog has one goal in mind: to prevent you from missing anything that happens in the gamer world. After two years of journey, we have witnessed with you the launching of eSports and its recognition as a flourishing industry that has been progressively capturing the attention of both large companies and traditional audiovisuals. And it is right at this moment, now more than ever, when we believe it is necessary to strengthen communication ties with the most important factor in this wonderful game in progress: you

There are many achievements so far by and thanks to you: we have been runner-up of LVP in CS:GO Final Cup 10 with the team Newskill Infinity, absolute champions in Final Cup 11 with x6tence.

True to our motto in the blog of Newskill

At Newskill we are proud to say that we have been living up to our motto for two years: Feeling the game. The whole team is united by our passion for technology and video games; we are gamers, we work for and with the gaming community and we want e-Sports in Spain to reach the top. We have achieved a lot and made many friends during this time. We have had the pleasure of enjoying dozens of events: fairs, lanpartys, conventions, presentations and streamings both in our facilities and in the biggest events related to eSports in Spain. Now we want to share it all with you in the blog of Newskill so that you can help us to continue taking steps forward.

But it doesn't end here. We continue to move forward with you and for this we launch Newskill Academy, a project to promote and encourage the talent of promising young people who like us love eSports. And being already a reference in the gamer world, in Newskill we want to go a step further helping thousands of players to develop their full potential within the gaming scene; we present a place where you can learn from the best players of the moment at national level and where you can compete to become part of the professional team of NewSkill. Stay tuned to Newskill blog if you want to play for us someday.

The best collaborations for Newskill

And we are not alone; dozens of collaborators such as The grefg, Folagor, Cabravoladora, AlphaSniper, AmpeterBy, DoctorePollo or LunaDangelis have joined us in this adventure. Together with them we will be offering you all the news about releases, event chronicles, interviews to influencers and professional gamers. In addition, through the blog of Newskill we will be announcing various product raffles. We're really looking forward to it.

The most important thing about the Newskill blog is you

have we already told you that you are the most important thing? Well, we repeat: you are the most important thing. That's why the Newskill blog will have a comments module, guaranteeing free interaction between us and you. We are interested in everything you have to say!

We can only ask you to stay with us, we have a lot to offer you and we are looking forward to keep growing together. This is just the beginning ^_^

If you want to know all the news from Newskill and not miss anything, sign up to our VIP list and you will be the first to know about new releases and exclusive discounts.

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