The adventure begins in Newskill

This week we are excited. Exultant. We're jumping up and down in the aisles. Because we have just released something very special

From Newskill we are very proud to present the first five chapters of a series of comics Newskill through which we will discover the story behind each of the heroes Newskill.

Comics Newskill: Kimera faces a danger

On The Escapeone of the comics Newskill, we will see Kimera facing a very dangerous situation.

Comics Newskill: Kitsune, Takamikura and Kuraokami

In the comic Newskill The home planetwe will meet Kitsune and we will listen to the legend of Takamikura and Kuraokami. Both episodes will serve as a prequel to the presentation of the real big hero ... well, not so big, because our main hero is none other than Skillythe best squire that a group of heroes could wish for.

Comics Newskill: Skilly and his recruitment

In the comics Newskill A necessary plan y A New Recruit we will accompany Skilly on his journey to Earth in search of new recruits to help stop the dark forces about to loom over the solar system.

We can reveal little more about the plots, except that very soon we will know more about the origins of each hero and we will meet more new recruits that Skilly will find in his adventures on the planet Earth.

A dream illustrator for comics Newskill

The illustrator and scriptwriter of the comic series Newskillis the wonderful Arrietart (you can also find her on Twitter) who says that what defines each of the heroes Newskill is that, despite being from different worlds, they have something in common: a good heart, courage and determination.

So stay tuned for the next adventures of our group of heroes in the comics Newskill, which promise to be of cosmic proportions.

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