what is Kimera's 7.1 virtual sound?

If you are looking for a new gaming headset you are probably wondering which option to choose depending on the sound quality. Stereo, virtual or surround are words that you will have undoubtedly heard in your search, but... do you know what the difference is? From Newskill we bring you a little explanation on what is the 7.1 virtual sound that incorporates our Kimera gaming headphones, both in its black version and in its white version, the Ivory edition.

A little bit of history

Surround sound originated as an extension or enhancement of stereo sound. This type of sound had its boom due to its entry into the musical world, since it transmitted the sensation of having a much more real auditory field, with sounds coming from various parts of the room, or in this case of sounds coming from one earphone or another. Surely you have heard a song in which there are certain parts or instruments that only sound through one earphone and the song as a whole could not be conceived in the same way without using both earphones or music receivers.

The arrival of 7.1 virtual sound

From this idea of surround sound arises the idea of creating surround sound by adding more sound channels. It is right at this moment when the first players with 5.1 sound technology appeared, which later evolved to 6.1 and up to the current 7.1, which is the technology that incorporates our Kimera v2 gaming headset

The sound that is reproduced in devices with this 7.1 technology is divided into 5, 6 or even 7 signal outputs that carry the higher and intermediate sounds, and another independent output that takes care of the lower sounds

7.1 technology applied to headphones

Headphones with 7.1 virtual sound generate the sensation of having several built-in speakers to give the impression that the sound is coming through a multitude of different channels. Algorithms are used that modify the sound wave in such a way that they copy the behavior that the sound would have if it came from different sound sources. In this way, with headphones with 7.1 virtual sound we will be able to perceive the sound coming from the sides, in front of us, behind us or even above our head

These algorithms are processed by the computer's sound card to create the sensation of distance, proximity or position in the person using the device. If you want to experience firsthand how the Kimera V2 headphones would sound you can always search on Youtube for 8D sound or 8D sounds to get an idea of the feeling they transmit

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